Vianney's March For Life 2017


Father Tim Kenney, SM had this to say about Vianney's presence at the Pro-Life March in Washington, DC:

"I am very proud of the "culture of life" that we have intentionally created over the years at Vianney which led us to be able this year to take close to 50 students to Washington DC for our annual pilgrimage with the March for Life. Vianney traveled on the 18 hour bus ride each way with 2000 teenagers from Saint Louis! Generation Life is a movement among young people today to stand together in witness to the gospel values of life from the womb to the tomb!

One of the themes that we promoted was "the power of One!" All of us have the potential to make a difference and influence one another. As a Marianist school we take the CME mandate very serious to educate for justice, peace, and integrity of creation. Once a month our Pro Life Club is involved in some form of action. While in Washington DC we spent time with faith sharing each evening, visiting the Holocaust museum, engaging in conversation with other teens, and going to the just opened African American museum!

Awesome faith experiences that these young men will always remember!

March 2017