Vianney Daily Bulletin

Thursday, February 6


PAINT IT PINK shirts have gone fast!  Thank you for your incredible support. We are getting a second order of shirts—smalls, mediums and larges will be here tomorrow morning. Get yours tomorrow. The cost is $20 and you will be allowed to wear it at school on Friday!  

Calling all freshmen! If you are interested in trying out for volleyball, come stop by Coach Hoge’s room TODAY during encore!

Today during Encore, those juniors going on next week’s junior retreat must attend a mandatory meeting in the Chapel. The meeting will be brief the sooner everyone shows up the sooner it will be over.

Tomorrow during Encore, those seniors going on next week’s Kairos retreat must attend a mandatory meeting in the Activity Center.

ALL CURRENT FRESHMEN interested in traveling to IRELAND in October, please see Coach Stein in THE CAFE at ENCORE or after school in ROOM 305.

Attention all LACROSSE PLAYERS: Registration for the 2020 season is still open on

What’s the only thing better than a snow day? Griffin LIFE night! Tonight’s theme is Mercy! Come hear from Junior Justin Schoenwalder, and Fr. Andrew Auer about the abundant mercy that God offers to us. We begin with dinner and a show at 6:00 pm, and finish with reconciliation and adoration at 8:00 pm. All are welcome!

The following guys, please come to room 109 today at encore. 

Jacob Schoenwalder

Rob McCormick

Kile Galati

David Hartman

Sam Calandro

Vince Mantia

Sal Destura

Evan Pozzo

Nick Ledwon

Jack Steuer

Ben Clobes

Danny Harris

Hunter LaBarge

Max Laux

Ben Neiderer

Devin Thode`

Kyle Webb

This is a reminder to all juniors. Anyone interested in going to the Dominican Republic in the summer of 2021 and would like more information, see Mr Buehrle sometime today or tomorrow. If you cannot stop by but are interested, email Mr Buehrle ASAP.

A reminder to all Bocce players...we play today beginning at 3:10.

The Parents’ Club will have a meeting this evening at 7 in the Cafe.  The speaker will talk about NCAA process for athletes. If you are considering attending an NCAA school and intend to play sports, you may want to have your parents attend the meeting this evening.

The Investment Club will meet in Room 201 during Encore today.

Would the following sophomores please see Mrs. Treml in the leadership today during Encore:

Brodie Appelbaum, Jack Blumfelder, Ethan Eddy, Matt Graham, Connor Hamm, and Billy Madden.

Would the following Freshmen see Mrs. Hebrank in the Admissions Center, at the start of Encore, Vinnie Boccardi, Vincent Cervantes, Keith Garrett, Alex Mueller, Alex Richars and Paulie Zagarri.

Would the following students please see Mr. Erickson in the Leadership Center during Encore: Stu Laub, Wes Farhatt, Trey Gottman, Tyson Manley, Matt Louis, Lucas Menz, John Masson, Joey Lyon, Bryan Gerwel, Nick Ledwon, and Tony Hecht. 

This is a reminder that math tutoring will be offered after school today in room 208.


THANK YOU to all students who participated in the dress down day! We raised almost $1100!

Mitchell Montgomery please see Mr. Matreci in the Leadership Center before going home today.

Don’t forget! Griffin LIFE starts tonight at 6:00 pm. Experience the freedom of a freshly cleaned soul!

Auction is next week, it’s lots of fun! Sign up to volunteer in the Advancement office or Helper Helper app.  Thank you! 

This is a reminder that tomorrow during halftime of the Paint it Pink basketball game against SLUH STUCO will be sponsoring a Lay-up-Free Throw--Three Point contest for one student from each grade level. The Senior participant could win free prom admission, the junior could win free Junior Ring admission and Sophomores and Freshman could win a free item from the bookstore. Make sure you pack the field house to be eligible for the contest. 

ALL CURRENT FRESHMEN interested in traveling to IRELAND in October, please see Coach Stein at ENCORE or after school in ROOM 305.

Will Picha and Kenny Henning please see Mrs. Hackett in the commons after prayer today.

Oscar Solis please see Mrs. Sabatino in the Admissions Center right after school. 

Attention all LACROSSE PLAYERS: Registration for the 2020 season is still open on

The wrestling team is back in action this evening at Marquette for a tri-meet vs Marquette and Westminster. Wrestling starts at 5pm.

All wrestlers please report to Maryhurst immediately following the prayer. 

Do you think you’re the greatest 2K player of all time? Prove it. Tomorrow, the Esports club will be hosting their first Community Gaming day in the Media Center from 3-5pm. The console will be Xbox. The game will be 2K20. The tournament will be a single-elimination format. To sign-up, just show up at the Media Center after school tomorrow! All students are invited (faculty/staff too... if you think you have what it takes). The 1st place winner will take home a prize!

Jack Wilson, Sal Destura, Tim Dotson and Paul Berra please stop by the main office after school today

Calvin Curran, Ben Naes, WIll Sinak, Justin Schoenwalder please see Mr. Edwards in the Media Center immediately after school.

The following students need to see Mrs. Ring after school today in the leadership center

Ramon Gallardo

Carter Eifert

Zachary Purcell

Bryce Petrucci

Tyler Coleman

The re-order of the Paint It Pink Tshirts have arrived.  Buy them from Mrs. Hackett in the concession stand after school. Cost is $20.00.