40 Days for Life 2016



ProLife 16


The sidewalk was blessed not only by beautiful weather, but by the generosity of over 40 young men from Vianney High School. For the past several Campaigns, Vianney has faithfully adopted an entire day of prayer, filling each hour with brave young men eager to serve the cause of LIFE.

One such young man quoted simply in response to why he chooses to come to the sidewalk to pray: "Abortion is just terrible. Since I knew what abortion was, I've been told it's bad. And it's murder. It's just murder. "

When asked the same question, another Vianney student replied "All life has meaning and importance and a purpose, no matter how small. I came last year and I believe so strongly in the movement and in family and I believe everyone's voice needs to be heard, especially the unborn."

Just as every life, no matter how small, serves an important purpose on this earth for the Kingdom of Heaven, so too does every act of love, every silent prayer, every "little" sacrifice matter in great deal to the Giver of all Life.

As we continue on in our 40 Day Campaign, may we take this idea of simplicity to heart and act in accordance with the quote from Therese of Lisieux who says, "Miss no single opportunity of making some small sacrifice...; always doing the smallest right and doing it all for love."


For Life,

Brian Westbrook
Executive Director
Coalition For Life St. Louis