Curé of Ars Chapel

Chapel Update

The first public Mass in the newly renovated Curé of Ars Chapel will be Sunday, March 5, 2017.

Chapel Seats Lit up

Special Acknowledgements:


Emil Frei Associates is a full service design and fabrication studio specializing in liturgical arts since 1898.  While its studio is perhaps best known for new stained glass windows, the company is also a recognized leader in restoration and preservation. 

Their works appear in churches, cathedrals, basilicas, and synagogues nationwide and in foreign countries.  The firm employs highly skilled craftsmen who possess knowledge that has accrued over five generations of the Frei family.

Emil Frei | Grandfather

Nick Frei ’02 | Son of Steve

Steven Frei ’72 | Father

Jennifer Kim | Daughter of Steve

Aaron Frei ’99 | Son of Steve

John Wheadon | Team member 

          * Ethan Kim ’19 | Grandson of Steve, current Vianney student



This is the third recent construction project at Vianney managed by Wachter.  The others include construction of the STEM labs, and the renovations at the concession stands/locker rooms at the North Athletic Complex. The owner is Mark Kamp, and the project manager is Mike Weide.



This firm focuses on functional and innovative designs that reflects the owner’s style. YDesigns is independently owned and operated by Yvonne Trudeaux. Yvonne has 25 years of diverse experience ranging from detailed renovations to complex new construction.  She was inspired by Brother Mel Meyer years ago and was humbled to be part of the chapel renovation team.  Her vision was to ensure that the Chapel’s transformation respected, and built upon, the spirit of Brother Mel’s original design.


Additional support team members:

Facilities Committee, Vianney Board of Directors

Wendell DePhillips ’71, Director of Facilities & Finance

Rev. Tim Kenney, SM, Director of Campus Ministry

Mike Loyet ’77,  President

Br. Joe Markel, SM

Schaeffer Electric Co.

Br. Tom Suda, SM ‘65

Diane Tessman,  Tessman Textiles

Jermain Todd, MWANZI CO.

Larry Valenza ’83,  M&H Architects 

David Woods, Chair of Board of Directors

David Ziolkowski - Lighting