Student Spotlight: Luke Prost

Luke Prost has been surrounded by music since he was born.

It has become a passion for the St. John Vianney High School senior — something his father, Bob, a Vianney teacher, passed on to his three sons, David, Brian and Luke.

All three sons are involved with music in some form.

“It was mainly my dad,” Luke said of his early introduction to music, “because he’s in a band and he’s always been playing music since I was born. He taught my two brothers and I how to play guitar. So my brothers and I would always play. We made little bands and we would play when I was growing up, until around seventh grade. Then after that I discovered programming, so I just started making my own stuff."

Luke won first place in the Missouri Music Educators Association Songwriting competition last year and in a few months will begin his college career at Belmont University in Nashville, where he’s been accepted into the school’s prestigious songwriting program. 

“It’s really a select thing,” Prost said of his acceptance to Belmont, “but mostly because Nashville is like the gateway to a bunch of connections, to meet different people. Also my brother (Brian) lives down there right now. He’s working at RCA Studios. I think he’s recording Eric Church right now. He’s got a lot of connections.”

Luke has been writing, recording and producing music for years. He’s been playing the drums since he was in elementary schools, has taken several years of piano lessons and learned the guitar from his dad.

“Everything you need for like a rock band, I play all those instruments,” Prost said.

He is working on releasing an EP within the next few weeks and has talked to some of his classmates about forming a jazz group this summer. Luke’s brother, David, plays in a jazz band in New York City on the weekends.

“I’ll do the jazz thing and I should be coming out with an EP soon with my personal stuff,” Luke said. “I don’t know if this is going to happen but I’ve been talking with different people that Brian knows. I was going to do a little Midwestern tour, somewhere around Missouri and stuff, and just find anybody that needs a warm-up artist.”

Prost isn’t sure where his career will take him — it’s possible he could follow the music business path in college instead of songwriting — but it’s obvious music is taking him somewhere. He’s following his passion and can’t wait to see what’s next.

When he gets to Belmont, Prost will be looking to make connections and meet different people his age with similar interests who want to make music. 

“I’m kind of producing my own pop stuff right now and it’s kind of hard to do everything by yourself,” he said. “So I want to meet other people at Belmont and in college to do that stuff with.”

Alex Borje, Vianney’s band director, has seen Prost’s ability on the drums, piano and guitar as well as the senior’s strong ear. He also has Prost in his AP music theory class, which is a college-level course.

“He’s really got a passion and a drive for it,” Borje said. “It’s just the beginning for him. I know that when you get to the college level you are playing a lot more and you’re basically able to focus on music a lot more. Right now he’s got not only band but he’s got his math and English and history and that stuff.” 

“… You just get so much better in college. He’s good now, but he’s going to get a whole lot better. A very bright future for him. He’s got a good handle on it.”



 (Luke Prost performing at the Vianney Talent Show)