Pleimann earns sportsmanship honor

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Congratulations to Vianney senior Kenny Pleimann, who recently received the 2014 Carl Fricks Sportsmanship Scholarship from the St. Louis Sports Commission.

Pleimann will receive a $1,500 scholarship award. He will attend McKendree University next year.

The Carl Fricks Sportsmanship Award is presented annually to graduating high school students from the St. Louis metro area who demonstrate outstanding sportsmanship. The scholarship recognizes individuals who exemplify integrity, civility, selflessness, kindness and compassion in athletic competition. The award is unique in that candidates are evaluated strictly on their approach, character and respect for others on the playing field. Athletic performance is not a factor in the selection.

Pleimann served as a student assistant for the football, basketball and baseball programs at Vianney. He is the first student manager to receive the Sportsmanship Scholarship. Kenny stood out among the athletes at Vianney for his class, integrity and unselfishness.

Kevin Walsh, varsity basketball coach and a mentor of sorts to Pleimann, recounted how Kenny would work with Walsh's son, who was serving as a waterboy. Pleimann taught the young assistant about sportsmanship, respect for the opponent and respect for the game.

"As a coach, I am so proud of Kenny for understanding the importance of sportsmanship," Walsh said. "More importantly, as a parent, I am thankful that Kenny was the person sitting next to my son and educating him on why it is so important to demonstare good sportsmanship."