Auer '12 ordained for Archdiocese


Congratulations to Andrew Auer '12, who was one of seven priests ordained on Sunday for the St. Louis Archdiocese. Auer is the son of Christine Auer, who works in the Vianney Cafe.

From the St. Louis Review

For generations, Christ has called generations of men to the priesthood to work for the salvation of souls, said Father Auer, 25.

It’s a reality that means there is something to lose. “The priest has to be some sort of light in the darkness. He has to provide hope to people,” and hopefully, seminary formation has given them the tools to be able to show people the light.

As a junior in high school, Father Auer described being anxious about knowing what his next step in life would be — what college, what career, and what girl he would marry. But as he began to deepen his prayer life with God, he recognized a calling to the vocation of priesthood. “I was open to what the Lord wanted to do in my life,” he said. “As soon as I started to pray in a real way … that’s when Christ really started calling me.”

In working for the salvation of souls, a priest must teach his flock that what’s at stake is eternal blessedness in heaven, as well as happiness on earth. “The worst thing is to be separated from God in his life and in eternity,” he said. “(God) created us and He’s working to bring us back to him.”