High School Night Season Kicks Off

High School Nights are a rite of autumn, and the set of 10 nights over the next four weeks kicks off tonight at Usuline Academy. Vianney will be represented at each high school night, and will host one of the nights on our campus Tuesday, September 24th.

All programs begin at 7 pm, and families will have the ability to see presentations from three schools, each lasting about 25 minutes. We hope to see you out at Vianney on September 24th, but if you can't make it be sure to check us out at other schools around St. Louis.

Tuesday, Sept. 10

Ursuline Academy

341 S. Sappington 63122

Wednesday, Sept. 11

Trinity Catholic

1720 Redman 63138

Thursday, Sept. 13

St. Mary's

4701 South Grand 63111

Tuesday, Sept. 17

Notre Dame

320 E. Ripa 63125

Wednesday, Sept. 18

St. Joseph Academy

2307 S Lindbergh 63131

Thursday, Sept. 19

Rosati Kain

4389 Lindell 63108

Tuesday, Sept. 24

St. John Vianney

1311 S. Kirkwood 63122

Wednesday, Sept. 25


2550 Elm 63301


Tuesday, Oct. 1

John F. Kennedy

500 Woods Mill 63011

Wednesday, Oct. 2

St. Dominic

31 St. Dominic Dr. 63366