Faculty Profile: Nate Stein '03



How long have you been at Vianney?

I just started my 9th year at Vianney. I graduated in 2003.

College, degrees?

University of Missouri-Columbia-BSED-Social Studies
Southwest Baptist University-M. Ed. Admin


Wife, Allison



Why do you support the young men at Vianney?

For as long as I have been associated with Vianney, it has always focused on the betterment of each student. I see the Griffin Fund as a vital way for students to be able to come to Vianney. In addition, if the Griffin Fund means a young man can make Vianney better...there's no way I could not support the Griffin Fund.

Why is it important for teachers in the classroom to know alumni support the school?

When teachers know that everyone from their colleagues to the students and especially the alumni are all moving in the same direction, and that direction is making Vianney stronger, brighter...BETTER...the faculty will see that their time and efforts are deeply valued, respected and applauded!

What does Vianney mean to you?

Vianney has a sense of home that I feel is very unique. It is a place students can learn from all their experiences in a valuable way. That being said, it is also a place where faculty if driven to be better and unique. Vianney wants anyone associated with it to know that they are welcomed, challenged to be better and can grow by being part of the family.

How did your time at VHS prepare you for your career/college?

The structure of the 2 semester college-style schedule was an obvious advantage when I was in college. The transition was seamless. Beyond college, the mentors that I had at Vianney gave me amazing examples to follow as a teacher and husband.


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