Mark Lux '75 honored by MVMA

Mark Lux '75 named to Veterinary Honor Roll by MVMA

Congratulations to Mark Lux ’75, who was recently named to the Veterinary Honor Roll by the Missouri Veterinary Medical Association. 

Dr. Lux graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia’s veterinary school in 1982 and worked at two different offices before opening the Mackenzie Pointe Animal Hospital in Shrewsbury in 1991.

Dr. Lux is a past president of the Parish Council and the Board of Education at St. Dominic Savio Catholic Church/School and is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association. Dr. Lux and his wife, Janice, were married in 1982 and have three sons and a daughter. 

The Veterinary Honor Roll celebrates the gratitude of clients, colleagues and friends whose lives have been touched by the honored veterinarian, according to the Missouri Veterinary Medical Association’s website.