The Griffin Roar

Tuesday, November 22

The Government & Politics Club will meet in room 500 during Encore on Monday, November 28.

The Vianney Griffins football team travels to state on Saturday! A SPIRIT BUS has been organized for all those who want to attend. Follow the link on main page. You MUST register by Wednesday at 7pm to reserve your spot.

Today’s the day.   BBQ Club.  Turkey Bash.  Cafe.  After school.   Be there.

Tickets for the state championship football game will be on sale today from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the Commons. The cost is $10.00.

We missed some birthdays yesterday so happy belated birthday to Billy Bandera, Andrew Baranowski, Matthew Kaiser and Oscar Moran.  Today’s birthdays are Matt Mueller and Peter Zheng.  On Friday we have Jack Lammert.  On Saturday Mickey Zahorhan will be celebrating his birthday and on Sunday Connor Simpson will be celebrating his birthday.  We hope that you ALL have a great day on your special day.

We will be calling everyone down to Mass just before 9:00 AM today.  Those are your announcements. Make it a great day to be a Griffin.