Vianney Daily Bulletin


Upon our return from Thanksgiving Break, we will begin our annual “money” war to raise funds for the Whole Kids Outreach Toy Drive.  Remember to best represent your class! Silver coins are used to punish opposing classes and paper bills are used to lift up your class totals.  Last year the class of 2022 won the competition! Can the complete the repeat this year? Let’s continue with our great generosity Griffins!

FINAL REMINDER:  Juniors & Seniors in SLU 1818 ACC classes:  Fall 2019 tuition for 1818 courses is due in full on 12/1/19--Sunday. Saint Louis University will be closed BEGINNING TOMORROW and will not re-open until Monday which is after the deadline. IT will be available at SLU to reset passwords during the Thanksgiving break. 

Evan Reznicek and Michael Weitz, please see Mr. Kheriaty before leaving today. 

Louis Mrnjavac please stop by the main office to pick something up.