Vianney Daily Bulletin

Monday, December 3rd

Vianney Ping Pong Club will take on SLUH this Friday at 4:00 pm. If you are interested in playing in the tournament, please let Mr. Touzinsky or Mr. Kheriaty know. The Ping Pong Club will also play tomorrow after school. All are welcome.

Attention Faculty Basketball Team, someone left their jersey at 5:00 am practice this morning. If it is yours, please pick it up this afternoon when we meet in the weightroom.

LACROSSE PLAYERS: If you ordered gear from the online store and have not yet picked it up, please come to ROOM 305

We have a visitor with us today. Please welcome Lucas Welsch, a homeschooler, from Cuba, MO. We hope that you have a great day with us!

This past weekend there were several noteworthy achievements associated with the Football Championship and they really deserve to be noted.  First, Congratulations to Kyren Williams who broke the championship game rushing record with 289 yards. What a remarkable feat for both him and the Big Guys up front.  Second, Devin Ward joins a very small group of Vianney Griffins who have been a part of 3 State Championship teams. Finally, this last one is a first and may never be equalled, Senior Luke Winkleman has been a part of both state championship football teams and his father Paul, was a part of 2 state championship soccer teams in 1981 & 1982.  They become the only father/son duo to have won multiple state championships for the Griffins. That select group of 1 may never be equalled.

We would like to wish Steven Gibson and Ryan Carolan a very happy birthday and a belated birthday to Ethan Bopp, Ryan Berner, Patrick McDermott, Max Hinton, Alec Paulsen, Ken Henning, Michael Bokern and Will Sinak who celebrated their birthday this past weekend.  In particular, Max, I hope you did something memorable on your special day.