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Anyone interested in keeping score at our freshman basketball games should see Coach Cochran sometime this week. You will be compensated."

Over the weekend the wrestling team finished 2nd in the Truman invitation, 1st place Charlie Schott and Austin Bollinger, 2nd place Griffin Ganz and Alex Auck, 4th place Grant Pinkston, 5th place Jim Laaker, Joe Hoffmann and Jon Mataya, 6th place Michael Tonini, Richie Bartholome and Joey Nelson. Congratulations Griffins!

There will be a winter athletic apostles meeting on Wednesday, December 16 at 8:00 a.m. in room PE 500. All winter apostles should plan on attending."

Congratulations to Senior Nick Alexander for being selected as the Letterman's Club "Athlete of the Month" for both October and November. Nick was selected in back-to-back months last year as well.  Well done Nick!

Zack Layton was selected as junior athlete of the month for his performances in cross country.

Steven Bibas was selected as the sophomore athlete of the month for his contributions on the soccer pitch.

Kyren Williams is the freshman athlete of the week for his football accomplishments.

Congratulations to all...............

Service Hours:  If you are a student interested in obtaining some service hours while working on campus this weekend and/or next week, see Fr. Tim. A few opportunities have come up where your help is needed.


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