Vianney Daily Bulletin

Thursday, December 20

Do you like airplanes?   Do you like flying? Have you ever wondered how Formula ONE race cars stick to the track??  Are you tired of all these questions?? Then come to the kick-off meeting of Vianney’s Aviation Club after school on Wednesday, January 9th in room 202... Engineers from Boeing will be present to answer any questions about this year’s competition... See Mr. Prost for details

Attention juniors:  If you’d like to take the ACT prep course before your ACT in February, Course D is full but there is still space in Course E.  Please email Mrs. Kheriaty or see Mr. Meyer in the counseling office for more information.

Ethan Kim, Jack Hotze and Peter Rule stop by the main office to pick something up

Mr. Book to the Main Office

Happy birthday to Jacob Miller and Brian Nortrup.  We hope that you both have a great day today on your special day.  Those are your announcements. Make it a great day to be a Griffin.  You may now proceed to Encore to help prepare for your next exam.