St. John Vianney High School

Principal's Point of View

By Ian Mulligan

Principal, St. John Vianney High School

Over the past few months I have been soaking in the spirit, care, generosity and love that this community exudes. I have observed it in many forms – from teachers delivering their most-riveting, thought-provoking lessons to the $2,500 raised in one day by our students to support those impacted by Hurricane Harvey and the remarkable $7,400 raised by our students during the Christmas toy drive. 

Beyond the school day I’ve felt the welcomeness of the parent community as well, especially during parent-teacher conferences when many of you stopped to ask how my transition was going. As I continue to reflect on those conversations, I shared something with most of you — I look forward to coming to St. John Vianney High School every morning.  

I have also observed:

• An involved parent community where parents help out whenever needed, in many different forms. I’ve witnessed it every day in the Cafe and Gear store with a rotation of parents who serve lunches and make sure our gear is always accessible. I saw the alumni moms gather to beautify the Commons in time for the Christmas season. Throughout the Fall sports season, parents contributed by helping plan and prepare meals for teams and making sure the concessions at games were available to our fans. Additionally, a lengthy list of parents have been preparing for the Night of the Griffin Auction that takes place in February. The support of those who are able to give their time in this way helps our community immensely. All the while, each and every parent of our students helps by loving, supporting and caring for their sons on every step of their high school journey. THANK YOU!

• A community that takes care of each other. I can recall a morning when a student’s mom brought a meal to the Main Office. She told me that it was for another family experiencing a hardship and that there were other families helping in the same way.

• A school that goes far beyond the academics and focuses on faith formation and personal growth of the young men in our community. Our teachers are incredible models to the students of living as Jesus did by serving others before themselves. On a daily basis I see our teachers coming in early or staying late to make sure every student has the best opportunity to be successful in his classes. I’ve also witnessed our teachers’ flexibility when a student may need to focus on more challenging aspects of adolescence than an upcoming test or project deadline.

There is still a great deal for me to learn. I continue to welcome and encourage you, as a parent, to introduce yourself to me and to let me know if there is anything I can do to help make your son’s journey here the best possible four years. 

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