St. John Vianney High School St. Louis Top 100 Places to Work 2016

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan for St. John Vianney High School, while focusing on the next five years, also establishes a vision that will extend well into the future. In 2015, a 40-member planning committee was formed under chairmanship of Tina Klocke, a current Vianney parent and past Chief Financial Officer of Build-a-Bear.

The committee, whose work will continue this year, will make recommendations in the areas of:

Branding and Marketing

Enrollment Management Process

Enhancing Faculty/Staff Excellence

Financial Planning

The objectives and strategies developed in the previous strategic plan were designed to achieve this vision.



At St. John Vianney High School, we value:

… Catholic Marianist education that challenges students in scholarship, leadership, and to serve

… Being recognized as a college preparatory school with a rigorous curriculum

… Passionate and knowledgeable faculty and staff who promote collaborative leadership

… Quality curricular and co-curricular programs that integrate intellectual, spiritual, social and physical development of the whole person

… Family spirit and inclusivity

… Active learning that fosters high student achievement

… A safe, attractive and welcoming campus community

 …Fiscal sustainability


Our Goals:

  • Provide a distinctively Catholic, Marianist education.
  • Challenge each student to maximize his own unique potential by dedicating himself to academic excellence, leadership and faith formation through a rigorous curriculum.
  • Prepare each student for the multitude of opportunities and challenges that awaits him upon graduation by providing a comprehensive guidance program to best meet his needs and interests.
  • Attract and retain a highly credentialed and caring faculty and staff and to that end be competitive in compensation and comprehensive in professional development opportunities.
  • Provide technology that is current, integrated and effectively utilized to support administrative, teaching and student learning.
  • Create a safe, attractive and welcoming environment that provides the desired amenities for a well-rounded, educational experience.
  • Be inclusive of students from all socio-economic, intellectual, races, religions and ethnicities that meet our academic standards.
  • Provide effective strategic, financial planning and a comprehensive advancement program that ensures our future viability.


Transforming boys to exceptional Men of Character & Accomplishment

 At St. John Vianney High School, a young man becomes a member of a family, dedicated to academic excellence, character-building and faith formation. Guided by a credentialed, caring faculty and enriched by activities that strengthen the mind and body, he sets out on a journey to fulfill his own potential. At the end of four years, the boy is literally transformed into a man, prepared for the rigors of college and eager to embrace life’s challenges and opportunities. He is a Golden Griffin, a man of character and accomplishment, now and forever.


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