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Our Leadership

Strategic Planning

St. John Vianney High School’s Board of Directors established three strategic-planning initiatives in 2021. Our leadership believes that attention to these critical initiatives will position the school for long-term success amid an increasingly competitive, private secondary-school environment within the St. Louis region.

The three areas of focus are:
•   Develop a long-term campus plan
•   Foster an enduring culture of philanthropic support
•   Create an atmosphere where diversity flourishes

Our school began significant campus improvement projects in 2021. Each project was undertaken to more effectively serve our students, families, and the Vianney school community. With regard to future needs, we must examine opportunities to improve our main school building and athletic facilities, address antiquated and underutilized spaces, and reimagine/repurpose parts of our 37-acre campus to better enhance our students’ Vianney Experience and more effectively deliver the school’s mission.

As Vianney looks to the future, there are two specific needs that must be addressed:
•   Funding additional campus improvements as determined via the long-range campus plan
•   Growing Vianney’s endowment to provide tuition assistance for an ever-increasing number of school families

It’s important to note that Vianney has only conducted two capital campaigns in its history, initiated in 1991 and 2006. In contrast, other private high schools have conducted several such campaigns during that time period in an effort to enhance their campuses, offer additional amenities, and drive prospective student interest. A capital campaign will fund vital campus improvements, make the Vianney Experience possible for more young men, and support enrollment efforts into the future.

Our Marianist charism, Catholic faith, and school mission all support community, a love for God’s children, a discipleship of equals, and the formation of young men for spiritual, academic, and personal excellence. A more diverse Vianney Family enriches all of its members, providing a more authentic reflection of our students’ eventual world experience, beyond the scope of our school. This initiative provides the opportunity for qualified young men across the entire St. Louis region to benefit from our Catholic, Marianist formation and the Vianney Experience.

We believe these strategic-planning initiatives supports our commitment to continually improve St. John Vianney High School, thereby ensuring our school’s viability and success for future generations of Griffins.

Current Leadership

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