Course of Study


Vianney's curriculum is organized into four academies. This structure helps facilitate interdisciplinary learning and promotes communication among teachers from different disciplines to the advantage of students.

Academy of the Humanities

RELIGION 4 credits required

The main goal of the Faith Formation Department is to proclaim to students the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. We endeavor to guide students to the wisdom and the insights that come from applying God's word to everyday human experiences. We provide age-appropriate retreat and prayer experiences that develop faith while integrating the Characteristics of Marianist Education.

Courses include topics such as Hebrew scriptures, Gospel values, sacraments and Marianist studies.

SOCIAL STUDIES 4 credits required

The goals of the social studies department include:

  • Educating the whole person, with a special emphasis on the promotion of the tenets of Catholic social teaching.
  • Teaching history as a series of interconnected events, which are inextricably linked as the story of humankind continues to unfold.
  • Fostering a greater knowledge and appreciation of the tremendous diversity that exists within humankind.
  • Enabling each student to form his own hypothesis on a controversial topic in history, to engage in independent research around this hypothesis, and to form a final opinion based on the facts researched.

Social studies classes include American and world history, government and economics, among others. Honors, ACC and AP courses are available.

Academy of Modern Languages

ENGLISH 4.5 credits required

The ability to communicate, and an understanding of the context in which we communicate, is essential to a successful and satisfying adulthood. The language arts department seeks to enable students to read and write thoughtfully and with critical insight.

Language arts courses explore vocabulary, American and world literature, and written expression through poetry, essays, research papers and creative narratives. Honors and college-credit courses are available.

MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGE 2 credits required

The need for increased and better communication among peoples of the world is our reason for presenting a strong and well-rounded language program.

Learning a second language enables a student to rediscover the world in terms of this language. The student experiences culture through language and literature as a source of personal enrichment and as a means of entering into another's community. Foreign language study brings about a more enlightened perspective and appreciation of our own culture, as well as an awareness of each person's responsibility to the world community.

Language courses include Spanish and German. Honors and college-credit classes are available.


Academy of Applied Sciences

MATHEMATICS 4 credits required

The math department strives to develop in students of all academic levels the ability to reason logically in the world of numbers, to apply reasoning in problem solving, and to learn the language of mathematics as a requisite for a continuously growing understanding of mathematics in their careers and lives.

Math courses include algebra, geometry, trigonometry and calculus, among others. Honors, AP and ACC classes are available.

SCIENCE 3.5 credits required 

The science department provides opportunities for students to gain knowledge and appreciation of the natural sciences. The curriculum emphasizes the process of scientific inquiry so students can discover and interpret scientific knowledge, develop interests and appreciation for science, and realize that these processes can be applied in the Marianist tradition to find solutions of current and future problems.

Science classes include biology, chemistry, physics, forensic science and environmental science. Honors, AP and ACC classes are available.

Academy of Creative and Practical Arts


The fine and performing arts department helps students gain knowledge and ability in the arts while developing their innate creative abilities. We seek to round out boys' education and experience so that they use their eyes and ears to gain a greater appreciation of the beauty and artistry of God's world.

Fine arts courses include topics such as band, speech, drawing, design, film study and stagecraft.

PRACTICAL ARTS 1.5 credits required

The practical arts department offers a variety of courses that enhance the educational experience of Vianney students. We provide students with the background and confidence needed to succeed on the college level. Practical arts courses build interpersonal and technical skills that serve students well throughout their lives.

Practical arts courses include topics such as economics, computer programming, accounting, architectural drawing, leadership and business and personal law.


All Sophomores are required to take .5 credit of Health