Vianney is a college-preparatory school that seeks to develop in each student the skills, knowledge and curiosity he'll need to succeed in college and in life. Each year, approximately 98 percent of Vianney students go on to attend college, with around 60 percent of them earning one or more scholarships.

Grading scale

Vianney uses a standard 4.0 scale, which is preferred by most colleges and universities:

A - 4.0: 93-100
B - 3.0: 85-92
C - 2.0: 76-84
D - 1.0: 70-75
F - 0.0: below 70

Honors, Advanced Placement (AP) and Advanced College Credit (ACC) courses are worth an additional .5 in grade point calculation. For example, a student who earns a B in AP Chemistry would receive a 3.5 for the class.

Graduation requirements

A student must earn four credits per semester and eight credits per year in order to graduate from Vianney. In addition, all students must meet the service requirements of 20 hours per year during their freshman and sophomore years, and 60 hours as part of their junior Social Service Project.

These are the graduation requirements:

Discipline Required credits
Religion 4
Social studies 4
Mathematics 4
Science 3.5
Modern foreign language 2
Fine and performing arts 1
Practical arts 1.5
Social service 130 hours
Retreats 4


Honors and college credit classes

Vianney offers a number of college credit and honors-level courses. Students in these courses can expect increased breadth and depth of content-related material, as well as more opportunities for higher-order thought and advanced application of skills. For a list of these courses, please see the Academic Program and Course Description Book.

Honors courses are designated as such on the report card. A bonus of .5 of a grade point is added to an honors course grade before the current and cumulative averages are computed.

A number of ACC and 1818 courses are available to juniors and seniors. Students interested in taking courses for college credit may wish to check with the university they hope to attend to determine whether the credits they earn will be transferable.

Honor roll

Hard-working, academically talented students may earn a place on Vianney's semester honor roll. These are the requirements for this honor:


  1. A grade point average of 3.8 or higher for the semester
  2. No grade lower than a C
  3. No conduct evaluation below satisfactory


  1. A grade point average between 3.25 and 3.79 for the semester
  2. No grade lower than a C
  3. No conduct evaluation below satisfactory

Honor roll lists are posted in prominent places throughout school and remain up until the next semester's results are posted.