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Vianney offers a variety of co-curricular clubs and activities. If a student can’t find an activity that meets his interests, he is welcome to develop a club, recruit members and seek a faculty member to sponsor the group’s activities. There is always a way for every student to get involved at Vianney.

Scott Brown (314 965-4853, ext. 114, or serves as overall Director of Co-Curricular Activities in his role as Assistant Principal - Student Development. Each co-curricular activity has its own faculty advisor.

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Perfect Attendance Recognition

At the conclusion of the senior year at Vianney, Perfect Attendance will be recognized for any senior who has no tardies and no days absent through four years according to the school’s official attendance records.


Gold Circle Award

The purpose of the Gold Circle Award is to give recognition to those students who have displayed outstanding service and qualities of leadership, responsibility, and character in school moderated activities. The Gold Circle award is the school’s highest award for co-curricular service. It is awarded to those students who have accumulated a total of three hundred activity points or more by the end of the junior year (six semesters) or four hundred points by the end of his senior year (eight semesters). Students in good standing, that is, those who have no conduct failures, no course failures, will be considered as candidates for membership. Should a member by some act of imprudence show that he is not a worthy student, he will forfeit his membership and return his award to the school. Activity points that a student earns each year will be added to those accumulated in the previous year(s) and will be kept on record in the School Office. Students are not consulted as to the number of activity points earned for any single activity or organizational membership. Students have access to the list of activities that they participated in the previous year via school computers. A list of total activity points earned is also posted each year, with points from previous years also listed.

Privileges for Gold Circle Members are:

- Students and alumni may attend, without cost, all functions sponsored by the Student Council. This includes semi-formal and formal dances with the exception of Jr. Ring and Sr. Prom.

- Admission to all home athletic contests as guests of the Athletic Department.

Transfer students are eligible for the Gold Circle award with a prorated point system based on the number of semesters they have spent as a student at Vianney.  Each moderator should provide accountability standards for the students in that activity and file those with the Administration. These standards should also be reviewed with the student participants at the beginning of each school year or season of the activity by the Moderator.


Valedictorian and Salutatorian

These honors are conferred on students based on outstanding academic work as well as demonstrated leadership qualities and character. Selection of the Valedictorian and Salutatorian will be determined by an administrative committee based on the student's accumulative grade point averages at the end of the 8th semester of the senior year and the depth of leadership and character exhibited over the entire high school career. The Valedictorian and Salutatorian must be enrolled in the honors graduate curriculum. Only senior students who have completed 4 years of attendance and earned all 32 credits at Vianney are qualified for the honor of Valedictorian and Salutatorian.


 The Order of the Griffin and Marianist Award

The recipients of these two awards have distinguished themselves in the eyes of the administration and faculty by demonstrating what it means to be a student in a Marianist school, specifically, that the recipients embody the Vianney spirit and are living testimony to and reflect the Characteristics of a Marianist Education.

Each year the faculty to rate students they know on their individual demonstration of their understanding of the Marianist Characteristics based on their actions in classrooms, on teams and in clubs. 

The Marianist Award winners have distinguished themselves by achieving the highest ratings from the faculty and administration. Students become eligible for the Marianist Award in their sophomore year. The Order of the Griffin is the second highest Marianist Awards Recognition that a Vianney student can achieve, and the highest award for a freshman. 


Service Awards

St. John Vianney Service Award

Students who complete over 150 hours of service receive this award at the Senior Honors Convocation. Hours for this award must be completed outside of regular school hours. The Junior Social Service Project and Freshman and Sophomore Service Day can not be applied to this award.

Archbishop May Service Award

One senior from each of the 30 Archdiocesan schools receives this award. The recipient from Vianney will be selected in December of his senior year. A faculty member, classmate, or an individual person may nominate a senior for this award. A committee of faculty members will make the final choice from those nominated.

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Model of Justice Award

This award is presented to high school students who have demonstrated through their attitude and work, a commitment to serving humanity in the broader community. These students have made justice a central part of their life and have committed themselves "to the noble struggle for equal rights."