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2018 Alumni

Winning the state championship in baseball was more than just a victory. It was a testament to the hard work, teamwork, and dedication instilled in us by our coaches and the Vianney community. Vianney truly is a family.

-2018 Alumni

2013 Alum

Vianney Volleyball has always been a dynasty, and being a part of that special tradition and winning State was one of the highlights of my high school experience. I will always support Vianney for the impact it has had on me.

-2013 Alum

2012 Alumni

Staying involved as an alumni allows me to give back to the school that provided me with so many opportunities and helped shape me into the person I am today.

-1971 Alumni

Class of 1976

Coach Heeb helped me develop discipline, teamwork, and leadership skills that have served me well throughout my life. Now, I can support his scholarship to honor his legacy. 

-Class of 1976 Alum

Class of 1989/Parent

The importance of investing in Vianney's future is crucial for the school to continue it's mission, and to provide the same quality education that it did for me and my peers, as well as for my son now. 

-Class of 1989/Parent of a Griffin