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Alumni Parent

I honor and respect the exceptional educators that invest themselves head, heart and soul in more ways than we may ever really know. You ensure that Vianney's great legacy will always continue. I appreciate all that you did and all that you do! 

-Alumni Parent

13 Grad

Vianney was definitely the right move for me, and I know many feel the same way.

'13 Grad


Witnessing my son receive three of his sacraments during his time at St. John Vianney High School, while being enthusiastically encouraged and supported by the faculty, staff and peers gave me the reassurance that Vianney's community of faith is both strong and active.


Quote 7

Vianney built a base for our children and their future. Over the passing of time, we are pleased with most of our decisions and choosing Vianney is one of them. It's been a joy to watch the school progress.


Quote 1

Vianney prepared me to engage with college level material and gave me a support system of friends to fall back on, which is so important in early adulthood. Vianney gave me a sense of family in a way no other place could."

'13 grad