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Admissions Criteria

What it takes to be a Griffin

Admissions Statement

Vianney seeks to attract students who wish to develop their human potential within a group of caring people who are dedicated to the ideals of the gospel and who are excited by the pursuit of wisdom, invigorated by the power of the Spirit and motivated by the will to succeed.

Also, the young man and his family value our Catholic, Marianist mission and have demonstrated the potential to benefit and flourish from our academic, spiritual and co-curricular offerings.

The following are factors which are considered for acceptance:

  • Evidence of average or better achievement on the grade school records
  • Favorable evaluations regarding citizenship and effort
  • Scores at the 50th percentile (national average) or better on his core standardized tests
  • If scores are below the 50th percentile, additional communication will occur to determine if he can succeed in our program
  • Involvement in school, church, community or other extracurricular activities
  • Special consideration is given to a student whose family has past associations with Vianney
  • While we are a Catholic school, Vianney is open to students of all faiths and backgrounds
  • All students and families participate in an interview process before acceptance

Students are accepted based upon the composite of acceptable criteria. No single factor determines acceptance or denial. St. John Vianney looks at the qualities of the entire person.