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2022 Summer Camps for BOYS ENTERING Grades 2-8

Our summer camp is designed to challenge boys entering grades 2 to 8 in the fall. Our faculty provide a hands-on experience in Band, Coding & Design, Cybersecurity, Esports, History, Robotics, Science, and Studio Art while our coaches bring their A Game in Baseball, Basketball, Football, Lacrosse, Soccer, Volleyball, and Wrestling. Our camps are about having fun and making friends while learning skills that will prepare boys for high school and beyond.

Griffin Club offers the flexible hours you need in a summer camp with free supervision available before or after sessions. Campers attending a morning session can arrive as early as 8 am and campers attending an afternoon session can remain until 4 pm. Campers attending a morning AND afternoon session can remain from 8 am to 4 pm with the option to purchase a lunch or bring their own lunch.   Pre-Registration is required for Griffin Club.

Camp dates and times are subject to change because of COVID protocols.


6/27 to 6/30    9-11 am        5th-9th | Session is Full
This camp is for grade school students to further develop their skills on their chosen instrument. Experience playing an instrument and ability to read music is required for participation. Each day includes instruction on technique, tone, proper breathing, and musicality. Your camper will learn advanced techniques to help him excel in band. Mr. Alex Borje is the band director at Vianney. With a BA in Jazz Performance and MA in Music Education, he is excited to work with young, aspiring musicians.

6/13 to 6/16    1-3 pm        5th-8th | Session is Full
From Web Design to Python, campers will get an introduction to some coding and programming techniques. Campers will learn how to create a basic website and then improve its appearance and function. We will also learn some basic skills with Python 3 and then create our own user-friendly program. This camp is led by St. John Vianney High School Computer Science teachers Mr. Brian Haddock and Mr. Matt Zurek.

6/13 to 6/16    9-11 am        6th-8th | Session is Full
Campers will explore cyber ethics, online safety, and how computers work. They will learn about Window security policies, tools account management, file protection, and more. This camp is led by Mr. Dan Didier, coach of Vianney’s Cybersecurity team and Cybersecurity instructor, having over 30 years of government and company experience.

6/20 to 6/24    10 am-Noon    6th-8th  | Session is Full
6/20 to 6/24    1-3 pm            6th-8th  | Session is Full
6/27 to 7/1       10 am-Noon    6th-8th  | Session is Full
6/27 to 7/1       1-3 pm            6th-8th  | Session is Full
Campers will learn, strategize, and engage with the same games that Vianney’s team plays! Dive into the fun and competitive world of Esports! All tech equipment, games, and materials are supplied. This camp is led by Vianney Esport coaches, Mr. Sam Reynolds and Mr. Hank Panethiere.

6/27 to 6/30    10 am-Noon    7th-8th  | Session is Full
Immerse yourself in robotics using sensors, motor controllers, and programmable hardware to build a fully autonomous or driver-controlled robot! Dr. Sean Scanlon has taught secondary mathematics for 17 years. With his experience as a project engineer, he moderates Vianney’s Robotic and Avionics programs. 

6/20 to 6/23    9-11 am        6th-8th  | Session is Full
Get ready for fun, hands-on science activities that test the laws of physics. Design, create, and test model cars and different types of rockets, and see who can design the fastest car and highest-flying rocket. This camp is led by Vianney Forensics and Biology teacher Mr. Tyler Jones.

6/27 to 7/1     M 1-3 pm, Tu-F 1-4 pm    7th-8th  | Session is Full
Explore stories from the places around us—the history of St. Louis! Campers will take an in-depth look at the events that shaped our city and tour the neighborhoods they’ve impacted. This camp is led by Mr. Michael Faust, Vianney Ancient World History & Geography teacher. The camp travels off campus with all transportation and fees covered in the cost. 

6/6 to 6/10    Noon-2 pm    3rd-5th   | Session is Full
6/6 to 6/10    2:30-4:30 pm    6th-8th | Session is Full
Explore your creativity with a week of different studio art projects. Develop skills in drawing, ceramics, and painting. This camp is led by Mrs. Laura Lebeda, graphic designer, practicing artist, and Vianney Art instructor. All materials are supplied for you to create projects to take home.  



6/6 to 6/10    10 am-Noon    2nd-5th  | Session is Full
6/6 to 6/10    1-3 pm        6th-8th  | Session is Full
Varsity Coach Dave Stewart played Division I and was a Missouri Class 5 Baseball Coach of the Year.  His camp is for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players.
North Athletic Complex         $115

6/27 to 6/30    12:30-2:30 pm    6th-8th | Session is Full
Learn how to hit with Varsity Coach Dave Stewart. This camp focuses on batting fundamentals.
North Athletic Complex         $115

6/6-6/10    12:30-3:30 pm        7th-8th  | Session is Full
6/13-6/17    8:00-11:00 am       5th-6th  | Session is Full
6/13-6/17    Noon-3 pm           7th-8th  | Session is Full
6/20-6/24    8:30-11:00 am      3rd-4th  | Session is Full
6/20-6/24    Noon-3 pm          5th-6th   | Session is Full
6/27-6/30    8:00 am-Noon      7th-8th  | Session is Full
Attend one or more of the sessions with Varsity Coach Kevin Walsh, who has won 300+ games as a varsity coach. He focuses on developing a player’s individual skills in a fun and competitive environment.  
Field House             $130     (If a session is full, please contact Coach Walsh at to be added to a waiting list.)

6/13 to 6/16     1-3 pm         2nd-8th | Session is Full
Varsity Coach Chris Starkey and the Vianney football staff and players host this camp to focus on skills and fundamentals. Campers learn the finer points of football, leadership, teamwork, and individual skill development. 
Don Heeb Field             $100

6/13 to 6/16     12:30-3 pm     6th-8th | Session is Full
With more than two decades of lacrosse experience, Varsity Head Coach Jeff Benton and Coach Nate Stein emphasize both individual and team skills. Players should bring their own equipment.  
North Athletic Complex         $95

6/13 to 6/16     9-11 am         2nd-8th | Session is Full
7/11 to 7/14     6-8 pm         2nd-8th | Session is Full
Hall of Fame Varsity Coach Brian Haddock invites campers to attend one or both sessions for beginner, intermediate, and advanced soccer players.
Don Heeb Field             $100
6/6 to 6/9     9-10:30 am     5th-8th   | Session is Full
Hall of Fame Varsity Coach Brian Haddock offers change-of-direction techniques, stride length, and body positioning to improve athleticism for all sports. 
Don Heeb Field             $100

7/18 to 7/21     9-11 am         5th-8th | Session is Full
Coaches join former and current players from Vianney’s 17-time State Volleyball Championship program to host this camp for all levels of talent.
Field House            $90

6/6 to 6/10     12:30-2:30 pm     3rd-8th   | Session is Full
Wrestling Coach Dan Didier shares his decades of experience with the oldest sport in the world, using the folkstyle technique for individual and team skills. 
Maryhurst Gym            $100