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St. John Vianney High School

for boys entering grades 2-8


Griffin Club offers free supervision between camps for those attending both a morning session and an afternoon session on the same day. Campers should bring a bag lunch if they want to eat between sessions. 


  • Use the form to register a camper for one or more sessions; complete a separate form for each camper.
  • Register by April 30 for early-bird pricing; registrations received May 1 until 7 days before the session starts are $20 more per session.
  • Late registrations (made within 6 days of a session start) are limited and include a $25 administrative fee. 
  • Registration cancellations on your part are subject to a $25 cancellation fee.

All sessions are held on Vianney's campus at 1311 S. Kirwood Rd, St. Louis, MO 63122. Contact Jessie Hebrank at if you have any questions.

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GRIFFIN CLUB | My camper is registered for a morning session AND afternoon session in the same week(s) and will be attending Griffin Club at no additional charge. I understand that my camper should bring a a bag lunch and drink if he wants to eat between sessions.required
Griffin Club AttendanceSelect the week(s) your camper will be attending Griffin Club.
Select the week(s) your camper will be attending Griffin Club.


Campers further develop their skills with Band Instructor Alex Borje on their chosen instrument. Each day includes instruction on technique, tone, proper breathing, and musicality. Campers will learn advanced techniques to help them excel in band.
Varsity Coach Dave Stewart played Division I and was a Missouri Class 5 Baseball Coach of the Year. The camp is for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players.
Learn how to hit with Varsity Coach Dave Stewart. This camp focuses on batting fundamentals.
Attend one or more of the sessions with Varsity Coach Kevin Walsh, who has won 300+ games as a varsity coach. The focus is on developing a player’s individual skills in a fun and competitive environment.
From Web Design to Python, campers are introduced by Instructors Brian Haddock & Matt Zurek to basic coding and programming. Campers will create a basic website, improving its appearance and function. Campers will also develop a user-friendly program.
Campers will explore cyber ethics, online safety, and how computers work with Computer Instructor Dan Didier. They will learn about Window security policies, tools account management, file protection, and more. 
Attend one or more sessions in the Esports center and dive into the fun and competitive world of Esports with Coaches Sam Reynolds & Hank Panethiere. Campers will learn and strategize with the same games the Vianney team plays. All equipment, games, and materials are supplied.
Varsity Coach Chris Starkey hosts this camp to focus on skills and fundamentals. Campers will also learn the finer points of leadership and teamwork.
With more than two decades of lacrosse experience, Varsity Coach Jeff Benton and Coach Nate Stein emphasize both individual and team skills. Players should bring their own equipment.
Get ready for fun, hands-on science activities with Science Instructor Tyler Jones that test the laws of physics. Design, create, and test model cars and different types of rockets. See who can design the fastest car and highest-flying rocket.
Immerse yourself in robotics using sensors, motor controllers, and programmable hardware to build a fully autonomous or driver-controlled robot with Science Instructor Dr. Sean Scanlon. The pricing includes all hardware and software required.
How do batteries work or fireworks get their color? Explore major scientific principles and theories with Science Instructor Andrew Kresyman with exciting, hands-on experiments in a modern STEM lab. 
Hall of Fame Varsity Coach Brian Haddock invites campers to attend one or both sessions for beginner, intermediate, and advanced soccer players.
Hall of Fame Varsity Coach Brian Haddock offers change-of-direction techniques, stride length, and body positioning to improve athleticism for all sports.
Explore your creativity with a week of different studio art projects. Develop skills in drawing, ceramics, and painting with Art Instructor Laura Lebeda. All materials are supplied for you to create projects to take home.
Varsity Coach Dan Didier invites runners, throwers and jumpers—anyone who wants to get into competitive shape. Campers will have their form recorded and analyzed for optimal conditioning.
Varsity volleyball coaches from Vianney’s 17-time State Volleyball Championship program host this camp for all levels of talent.
Varsity Coach Chris Starkey is a certified strength and conditioning specialist. Campers will learn how to safely and effectively weight train.
Varsity Coach Dan Didier shares his decades of experience with the oldest sport in the world, using the folkstyle technique for individual and team skills. 

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