St. John Vianney High School

CLUB NAME: Aviation

STUDENTS ELIGIBLE:  all students are welcome 

MODERATOR NAME: Mr. Bob Prost (math department)


DETAILED DESCRIPTION:   The AVIATION club is an academic club where students are challenged to design, build, and fly a small model aircraft.   Direct supervision (and mentoring) is provided on-site by actual Boeing Aerospace Engineers, who volunteer their time to teach the students the fundamentals of basic aerodynamics.   Once the aircraft is completed, it is entered into a regional high-school competition at Washington University.  

Season STARTS in mid January and typically ends in late April/early May.   

CLUB/ACTIVITY CRITERIA TO JOIN (if any):   Solid math and science skills, excellent communication skills.

MEETING TIMES (if applicable): Every Tuesday afternoon (more frequently as the competition date approaches later in spring)

CLUB/ACTIVITIES NEWS AND EVENTS:  Vianney's "Soaring Griffins" team won the "Best Design" Award at the spring 2017 meet!

Activity Points: 15