NEWS:  The Griffin Bocce Club will meet early during First Semester to organize teams and give out information.  All Griffins are welcome to attend; check it out and see if you are interested.  The Fall Season starts in mid-September and runs through mid-November.  The cost is $20 per player.

CLUB NAME: Bocce Club

STUDENTS ELIGIBLE: All Vianney students are welcome, regardless of skill level. 

MODERATOR NAME: Mr.Bill Alexander


STUDENT OFFICERS: We are currently seeking Bocce officers to help coordinate team rosters, t-shirt designs, and team communication. 

DETAILED DESCRIPTION: Bocce Club is open to all Vianney students. We meet weekly at the Italia America Bocce Club (on the Hill) to play Bocce against students from area high schools. In past years, we've met from 3:10 - 5:00 on Thursdays. The Fall Season is nine weeks and the Winter Season is six weeks. 

CLUB/ACTIVITY CRITERIA TO JOIN (if any): Students must arrange their own transportation to and from the Italia America Bocce Club (on the Hill). 

MEETING TIMES: 3:10 - 5:00 on Thursdays during the Fall season



United States Bocce Federation

St. Louis Italia-America Bocce Club