Distance Learning

April 2, 2020

We are extending distance learning through the end of the school year. This decision was made after much discussion and prayer by members of the President’s Council, Principal’s Council, and Academic Leadership Team. We made this decision with the hope that it will alleviate some of the uncertainty for families in this time of many unknowns. It also ensures the quality of teaching and learning by allowing teachers to plan lessons and pace the curriculum appropriately. Students should focus on finishing strong despite the extraordinary circumstances.

March 30, 2020

President Mike Loyet '77 shares why saying YES as Mary, Our Mother said YES is more important than ever.

March 26, 2020
We thank you for your flexibility with our launch of distance learning this week. We will continue distance learning through at least Wednesday, April 22, in line with schools in St. Louis County, St. Louis City, and the Archdiocese of St. Louis.

March 22, 2020
Dear Students,
Our distance learning plan for you is effective Tuesday, March 24, through at least Sunday, April 5--probably longer. It takes into consideration that learning from home will be challenging. You might be sharing a computer. You might be taking care of brothers and sisters. You might not have a quiet space to work.
That is why we are using a primarily "asynchronous" model for learning. What does that mean? Teachers will post your lessons, including videos, readings, writings, etc., by 9 am each school day with at least 24 hours for you to complete the work.
You are responsible for logging into Blackbaud each day to review and complete assignments, knowing that teachers might also offer specific times to connect with you online.
Some of your teachers will post daily assignments, while others might post several assignments at once and allow you more time to complete them. Whether a teacher is using Blackbaud or Google Classroom, you will find at least a link to the course in Blackbaud.
Take time before classes resume on Tuesday to prepare yourself for distance learning. We encourage you to review the tips offered by your counselors.
If you have questions about class assignments, email your teachers directly. They will respond between 9 am and 2 pm on school days. For all other questions, you and your family should email us at help@vianney.com. We created this account to respond to your questions more quickly or connect you with the person who has the answer.
Dr. Jim Cahalin ’77 shared on March 13 the history of COVID-19 and how you can help reduce the spread of this novel virus.
You have heard us talk about the five Characteristics of Marianist Education--the weeks ahead are going to call each of us to embrace them. Our "family spirit" means you are not alone--your teachers and staff are with you on this journey, even though we are scattered across the city. There is going to be a steep learning curve--so, please be patient with yourselves, each other, and with us.
Mr. Mulligan

March 20, 2020

Our mission is to form young men for spiritual, academic, and personal excellence in the Catholic, Marianist tradition. We are ready to fulfill that mission even in the face of this pandemic--appreciating the importance of "adaptation and change" on our journey. We have finalized our distance learning plan for students effective Tuesday, March 24 through Sunday, April 5. Now, we want to address some of the questions that have emerged, knowing there are even more questions ahead of us.

Q: Do students come to campus for class on Monday, March 23?

A: No. Students should remain at home on Monday and prepare for their distance learning courses to open by 9 am on Tuesday, March 24. This means students should have a dedicated computer with internet access for their classwork, along with their textbooks and other class materials.

Q: What if a student does not have a computer and/or internet at home? What if he left his textbooks and other class materials on campus?

A: If a student needs his textbooks or does not have a home computer, please email Scott Brown at sbrown@vianney.com immediately to make arrangements. Also, companies like Spectrum are offering students free internet access while St. Louis County Library offers a limited number of mobile hotspots.

Q: How do students connect with faculty about classwork?

A: Our faculty will post assignments in Blackbaud by 9 am each day, giving students at least 24 hours to complete and submit their work. Teachers will respond to students between 9 am and 2 pm on what were our regularly scheduled school days. That means a student reaching out after 2 pm may not receive a response until after 9 am the next school day. We are not structuring our days as A, B, C, and D. This will allow students more time to connect with our faculty online and better prepares students for the distance learning model used by most colleges and universities.

Q: What school events have been cancelled?

A: ALL school events on and off campus, including athletic practices, have been cancelled through Sunday, April 5, with the possibility that we will reschedule our Junior Ring Mass and Dance and Senior Parent Meeting. Cancelled events include, but are not limited to:

  • Junior Retreat | Tuesday-Wednesday, March 24-25
  • Junior Ring Mass | Thursday, March 26
  • Blood Drive | Friday, March 27
  • Junior Ring Dance | Saturday, March 28
  • Senior Parent Meeting | Monday, March 30
  • Father-Son Mass | Wednesday, April 1
  • Senior Kairos | Wednesday-Friday, April 1-3
  • Senior Tux Meeting | Wednesday, April 1
  • Parents Club Meeting | Thursday, April 2
  • Incoming Freshman Moms’ Wine and Cheese | Thursday, April 2
  • Griffin Game Day | Saturday, April 4

Q: What is happening on campus at this time?

A: We are deep cleaning every building on our campus this week and next, limiting access to only authorized adults. The weight room, courts, and other common areas remain closed to students through April 5.

Q: Will students return to campus on Monday, April 6?

A: We cannot answer the question at this time. We ask that you remain flexible as the situation across the world continues to evolve.  

Q: How can students manage the emotional impact of recent events?

A: Our counselors will still be available to students during this time and offer some distance learning tips. We also encourage you to visit the CDC website as it offers invaluable information that separates fact from fiction.

Q: What should we do if we have any other questions?

A: If the question is about a specific course, please email your faculty member during the hours we shared. All other questions can be sent to help@vianney.com. Our goal is to respond as soon as possible with an answer or connect you directly with the person who can best assist you.

We rely on our partnership with you to keep the lines of communication open, trusting that every decision we make places our students and their well-being first. Let us continue to pray for those impacted by COVID-19 during this unprecedented time in our history.

March 20, 2020
Dear Vianney Family,
Blessed William Joseph Chaminade said, "New times call for new methods." This could not be any more true today in light of the current pandemic. Vianney is prepared to fulfill Blessed Chaminade's vision and our Catholic, Marianist mission by relying on our faith, family spirit, and distance learning. 
Now, more than ever, the Vianney family and the world need your prayers and support. As our students begin distance learning on Tuesday, March 24, my request is that you spend a few extra moments in prayer for our community. I so strongly believe in the healing power of prayer.
During this time, access to campus is limited to authorized adults. This current plan is in place through at least Sunday, April 5, as requested by local and national officials. We will continue to adjust as new information and mandates become available.
Our Marianist education calls us to educate for "adaptation and change," preparing our students to be “open and adaptable to local and global contexts.” Recent world events prove that the education we offer at St. John Vianney High School is more important than ever. Thank you for your prayers for those who are suffering in the wake of COVID-19. 
Yours in Christ
Mike Loyet '77

March 16, 2020
We prepared for this moment even though we prayed it would not be necessary. St. Louis County, St. Louis City, and the Archdiocese of St. Louis, along with health and government officials, have asked schools to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 or coronavirus disease.
That is why our faculty will be working on Monday, March 23, to ensure everything is in place for distance-learning classes to begin for our students on Tuesday, March 24. We will keep this model in place through Sunday, April 5, with the option to continue distance learning after that date if needed. All school events, including athletic practices and contests, are cancelled this week through April 5.
We are in the process of finalizing our distance-learning courses and reiterate that students are expected to work from home 6-8 hours a day to remain on track academically. We know you have questions. Thank you for your patience as we will send you an email by Friday, March 20, with details.
One of the five characteristics of a Marianist education is to educate for adaptation and change, preparing our students to be “open and adaptable to local and global contexts.” Thank you for remaining flexible as world events evolve. And, please continue to pray for those who are ill and suffering in the wake of COVID-19.

March 13, 2020
The world’s response to COVID-19 or coronavirus disease is unprecedented. What do we know at this time? The virus is real. The virus is contagious. The virus is deadly for some.
At Vianney, we are prepared to protect our school community. However, our Catholic, Marianist mission also calls us to consider the impact beyond our community. And, we have planned accordingly.
At this time, we expect to return to campus on Monday, March 23, to resume regular classes. Students should bring home all textbooks and class materials for Spring Break--just in case. We will continue to emphasize prevention, wiping down common spaces, offering hand sanitizer, and encouraging healthy habits like handwashing. 
Things can obviously change in a week. It may be our decision or a decision made for us by an authoritative body. The states of Ohio, Michigan, and Maryland have already mandated the closure of their schools, including private schools. If this happens in Missouri, we will move to a distance-learning model to ensure our students continue their education to meet our graduation requirements.
Closing campus because of COVID-19 is not the equivalent of a Snow Day. Students will be expected to work from home 6-8 hours a day to remain on track academically with our faculty accessible online. We are already working with students who have limited access at home to a computer and/or internet.
This morning, I shared this plan with students, including the possibility that school events like games, practices, dances, and service projects could be impacted, including cancellations. This afternoon, Dr. Jim Cahalin ’77 addressed our students about COVID-19. We felt it was important that they hear directly from a healthcare professional at this time.
We will continue to monitor this situation over Spring Break. Please, stay connected with us, even if you are travelling. We wish you a safe and healthy time with family and friends. Let us not forget the power of prayer in all of this and the comfort we can find in God and in each other.  

March 12, 2020

We wish our students and their families a safe Spring Break next week with classes expected to resume Monday, March 23. We continue to monitor the impact of COVID-19 or coronavirus disease in St. Louis and encourage you to visit the St. Louis County Government website for the latest information. If you are planning to travel over Spring Break, the CDC also offers invaluable information on its website.

Our focus on campus continues to be on prevention, wiping down common spaces nightly, offering hand sanitizer, and encouraging healthy habits like regular handwashing. We are assessing upcoming events and will notify you of any changes. We recommend that students take ALL of their textbooks and other class materials home for Spring Break. This ensures they have everything they need in the event we decide to move to online classes.