Theatre Arts (Drama I)

Theatre Arts Information

Course Description: This course will provide the student with the opportunity to experience, understand, analyze and create all aspects of the actor's art. As theatre is a collaborative art form, students will be introduced to all aspects of theatrical production with an emphasis on voice, body and mind. Through monologues and scene study, this class will take students from script analysis through rehearsal and performance to critique.

Course Outcomes: The student will
- Gain an understanding of theatre history.
- Gain an appreciation of theatre through support, attendance and/or participation of plays, as well as through script analysis.
- Develop self-confidence.
- Come to recognize his voice and body as a unique creative instrument.
- Use drama as a communicative art.
Course Content: Classical Theatre History & Criticism Oral Interpretation
Pantomime/Mime Improvisation
Stage Movement Play Production
Character Development Acting Styles

Special Course Requirement: Each student will be required to attend two theatrical performance of his choice. One of these performances must be professional. The other performance may be non-professional. While students are encouraged to attend Griffin Theatre productions, these performances must be outside of St. JohnVianneyHigh School. The student will then present a formal technical theatre critique of each production.

Methods of Evaluation: Student self-evaluation (Journal)
Teacher evaluation
Play production critiques
Objective tests

Course Materials: Theatre, Art in Action National Textbook Company - provided
Students will need to obtain copies of monologues and scripts. These are readily available at the library

Course Homework: A majority of the course work is completed in a lab setting. Theatre terminology and workshop safety are major concerns and requires the student's full attention. Students need to come prepared to work in class each day.