Stagecraft Information

Course Description: This course will provide the student with the opportunity to experience, understand, analyze and create all aspects of technical theatre production. Particular emphasis will be placed on developing skills needed by crew members in play production. This class will take students from script analysis, through research, conceptualization, planning, and technical production techniques. Areas specifically covered will include scenic design and construction, stage lighting, sound design, and property building. Students will be introduced to stage make-up, costuming and public relations.

Special Course Requirement: Each student will be required to attend a theatrical performance of his choice. While students are encouraged to attend Griffin Theatre productions, this performance must be outside of St. JohnVianneyHigh School. The student will then present a formal technical theatre critique of this production.

Methods of Evaluation: Student log and daily work assignments (Students are highly encouraged to be self-motivated.)
Teacher evaluation
Play production critique
Objective tests
NB. Students may check the student work log each Friday for their weekly progress report. Grades will be posted on-line regularly.

Course Materials: Theatre, Art in Action National Textbook Company - text is provided as classroom set.
4 sheets of ┬╝ inch graph paper
Pencil, pen, eraser, ruler
Students may choose to purchase materials for their stage/set models

Course Homework: A majority of the course work is completed in a lab setting. Theatre terminology and workshop safety are major concerns and requires the student's full attention. Students need to come prepared to work in class each day.