American History Course Description/Syllabus
American History

Mr. Nate Stein



The history of the United States of America is a vital element to a social studies program. By studying the structure of our country students will attain a broad understanding and, hopefully, an appreciation for the US and its rich background. Through a study of politics, economy, and social structuring, students will be exposed to the great efforts it took to build the country we live in.


Course Outcomes

Students will be able to:

- Identify major historical events in the history of the United States from the end of the 16th century to the present day.

- Place major events in chronological order -- CAUSE ANDEFFECT

- Trace the struggles that have developed and build up the United States
- Demonstrate their understanding of various concepts, events, and cultures through creative portfolios, projects, and presentations

Content: This course will focus on the cultural changes that occurred within the United States. These conversions will be displayed within the following units:

Early Americans
Conditions of Europe
Exploration and Trade
The Colonies

Creating a Nation
Gaining Independence
Confederation to Union
Strengthening the Nation

Growth and Change
Regional Culture
Working for Reform

War and Reunification
Conflict Rises
Civil War

A Nation Transformed
Western Crossroads
Industrial Revolution
Transforming American Society

A World Power
The Square Deal
Spanish-American War
World War I

Prosperity and Crisis
The Jazz Age
Harlem Renaissance
The Great Depression
The New Deal


World Conflicts
World War II


A Changing Home Front
The Kennedy Era
Civil Rights Movement


Modern Times
The 70's
The Republican Revolution

Materials NeededThese materials are to brought to every class period


2.Three- ring binder

3.Loose-leaf paper

4.Pen and pencil

5.Two-pocket folder (portfolio)

Grading: You will receive one grade at the end of the semester. The grade will be calculated by dividing your points earned by the total possible points available for the semester.

Unit Tests
After each unit of study there will be a Unit Test. The test will consist of objective questions (multiple choice, labeling, matching, true/false) as well as essay, short answer, and identify questions. The tests will utilize several individual skills.
-Each test will be worth 100 points




Student Section Presentations
Student groups will, on occasion, present on a certain era or subject. These projects can be presented in numerous formats and must be cleared with the teacher. I will ultimately assign the projects but I am willing to discuss variations in content.
Projects are worth 150 points

Research Paper
Every student in class will be required to complete a 4-6 page research paper answering a historical question. Each paper must be properly researched and properly documented to earn credit for the paper. More information on the paper will be forthcoming.

The research paper is worth 200 points
QuizzesMost quizzes will be open note over the previous night's reading assignment. Quizzes may vary in point value and at the end of the semester a quiz average will be determined based on 100%. Your percentage will be factored into your overall average.

Absent From Class?Late Work- Students will have the number of days they were absent to make up missed work
e.g. If John is absent on Tuesday, returns on Wednesday, his assignments from Tuesday are due on Thursday.

Daily attendance is required for academic success. Our discussions and in-class activities are vital to mastering the concepts of this class. Therefore, it is a must that you attend class. If you are absent, the file holder at the front of the classroom will have the documents and assignments from the previous day. Each day, the instructor will place the information in the file for the corresponding day of the month.

- If a student is unable to complete missed work in the appropriate time frame or is absent for an extended period of time, it is essential he communicate his needs to the teacher.

EncoreEncore is an unstructured period where students may:
- visit teachers to get help in a subject; visit teachers to get make up work; to arrange make up tests and quizzes; work on projects; meet with clubs organizations, or activities; meet with counselors, campus minister, coordinators, administrators, etc.
The teacher may continue the class period into Encore.

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