Vocal Music (FAM300)

Prerequisite: Open to all students with approval of instrctor

The dual purpose of the vocal music class is performance and musicianship. The students will be expected to learn a variety of music and to perform at various functions throughout the year. The course will also offer a study of the fundamentals of music. This course meets alternately with a special religion class for music students for 2 semesters.

Band members should not register for Vocal music as both classes are taught at the same time.


Expected Outcome of Vocal Music

  • understanding and knowledge of basic music theory
  • ability to sing in a choral setting
  • ability to sing solo
  • understanding and knowledge of the the physical components of singing(i.e breathing excersises, streteching...etc.)

Evaluation Methods: class participation, daily performance of selected exercises or songs, solo performances, attendance at required events and performances