United States History

Mr. Kevin Walsh

Room 303


The history of the United States is a vital element to a social studies program. By studying the structure of our country and its history students will be able to see that history is not set in stone, not absolute, but fluid and up for individual interpretation. Students will also obtain a broad understanding and an appreciation for the United States and its rich background. Through a study of political, economic, and social structures, students will be exposed to the great efforts it took to build the country we live in today.


Course Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  • Identify major historical events in the history of the United States from the end of the 16th century to the present day.
  • Place major events in chronological order –CAUSE and EFFECT
  • Trace the struggles that have developed and build up the United States
  • Understand that US history is not finite but is still up for interpretation and study, giving students the opportunity to develop fact supported opinions about our history
  • Demonstrate their understanding of various concepts, events, and cultures through creative projects and presentations.



This course will focus on the cultural changes that occurred within the United States. These conversions will be displayed within the following units:


  1. 1.       Beginnings of the America (Chp 1-4)
    1. Early Americans
    2. Conditions of Europe
    3. Exploration and trade
    4. The colonies
    5. Conflict with England
    6. Revolutionary War


  1. 2.       Developing  a New Nation (Chp  5-9)
    1. Confederation to Union
    2. Drafting the Constitution
    3. Early Governance and Politics
    4. Industrialism in the United States
    5. Expansionism
    6. Slavery and Abolition


  1. 3.       Civil War &Reunification (Chp 10-12)
    1. Division and secession
    2. Civil War
    3. Reconstruction


  1. 4.       A Changing Nation (Chp 13-14 & 16-17)
    1. Western Development
    2. Industrial Revolution
    3. Populism
    4. Progressivism
    5. Square Deal
    6. Spanish American War


  1. 5.       War, Depression, War (Chp 18, 21, 23-24)
    1. World War I
    2. Great Depression
    3. World War II


  1. 6.       Post War U.S. - Modern Era (Chp 25-31)
    1. 1950s
    2. 1960s
    3. 1970s
    4. 1980s
    5. 1990s
    6. 2000s


  1. 7.        Most Courageous American Unit

Materials Needed:

These materials are to be brought to every class period

  1. Textbook: 
  2. Pencil and Pen
  3. Binder with looseleaf



You will receive one grade at the end of the semester. The grade will be calculated by dividing your points earned by the total possible points available for the semester.


Unit Assessment

After each unit of study there will be a UNIT TEST or UNIT PROJECT. The tests will consist of objective questions, essay, short answer, and identification questions. The test will utilize several individual skills.  Projects will be assigned for various units.  Technology will be required during presentations and projects.

-Each Test and Project will be worth 50-100 points


Unit Independent Work

Each unit will contain a number of key terms, maps, and primary source readings that all students should be familiar with in order to fully grasp the unit as a whole. Students will complete them and submit them on the day of the Unit test.

-Each Independent work packet is worth 50 points

-Additional homework or in class work may be assigned as needed


Research Paper

Every student in class will be required to complete a 5 page research paper that chooses one American as “The Most Courageous American.”  The paper will answer why you think your candidate is most courageous.  Each paper must be properly researched and properly documented to earn credit for the paper. Deadlines will be enforced throughout the semester to ensure adequate progress is being made. More information will be forthcoming.

-The research paper is worth 100 points.


Final Project

During the last 3 weeks of the semester, our class will participate in a 32 man tournament for the title “Most Courageous American”.  In conjunction with your paper, you will defend your choice of candidate for “Most Courageous American”.  If you are defeated, you will join the team of the person who defeated you.  With each round, there will be an additional assignment/project to get through the final round.



Most quizzes will be over the previous night or weeks reading assignment. Quizzes will always be worth 10-20 points; however they will be distributed at my discretion and will not be on regular timetable.



Supplemental Reading

In to the content of the course, BLACK LIKE ME  will be read/utilized/ and assessed in class. Students will be made aware of the assignments and requirements throughout the course of the semester.


Absent From Class?

Students will have the number of days they were absent to make up missed work.

Ex. If John is absent Tuesday, returns on Wednesday, his assignments from Tuesday are due on Thursday.


Missed class? Want to know what happened what you missed? Please check the file holder in the classroom for information that you have missed.  There is a folder marked for each day of the month and class materials will be placed in the folder on a daily basis.


Daily attendance is required for academic success. Our discussions and in-class activities are vital to mastering the concepts of this class. If you are absent please contact me for all missed work. It is up to the student, not the instructor, to collect all missed work and complete it on time.


If a student is unable to complete missed work in the appropriate time frame or is absent for an extended period of time, it is essential he communicate his needs to the teacher. 


If there are any questions or concerns please feel free to email me at: