School Counselors

Faculty who will support sophomores during the 2019-2020 school year include: Mr. Adam Erickson (G-M) Mrs. Katie Holman (A-F), Mr. Bob Meyer (Q-Z), and Mrs. Tammy Ring, our Learning Consultant.


In a student's Sophomore year, he can expect to formally meet with his counselor at least once a semester. During these meetings, counselors will review freshman year, create goals for their sophomore year, go over class selection and registration for the following year, and continue to discuss college and career planning. Sophomores will take the Pre-ACT test, which is the ACT prep test. Sophomores will also have an opportunity to take the PSAT if they choose to. 

Sophomores will be encouraged to begin researching colleges. Opportunities for this include our school's college fair as well as signing up to meet with college reps that visit our campus. Sophomores will also learn about new Naviance/Family Connection skills and resources to assist in their college research. 

Of great importance is the 4 year planning guide.  This guide will help students choose the appropriate course for each core curriculum (Mathematics/Science/Enlgish/Social Studies/Foreign Language). This includes the honors track for as well as what ACC/AP courses are available and what are the prerequisites for each.  

It is also important to understand the difference between Honors, AP, and ACC courses as you register for classes.  

  • Honors: Each honors class is worth a .5 bump on the GPA scale (i.e. A=4.5)
  • AP: Advanced Placement courses taught at Vianney are college level courses in which a student can receive college credit based on their exam score for that subject. Students receive a .5 bump in GPA for this type of course.  
  • ACC: Advanced College Credit courses are college level courses taught at Vianney, in which the student can receive college credit while still in high school. Students receive a .5 bump in GPA for this type of course.

 Calendar of important events

  • August/September - First Meeting with Counselor: Welcome Back
  • September - College Fair at Vianney
  • October - PSAT Testing
  • January/February - Second Meeting with Counselor: Registration/Course Selection
  • May - ASPIRE Testing


 College and Career Planning

Naviance - Investigate career interests, research colleges, search for scholarship opportunities

During a student's sophomore year, he may choose to begin conversations with representatives from area colleges that visit during the day.  Find out more on our College Rep Visits page.

From time to time, our counseling department is contacted by companies and organizations that would like to hire our students.  If you are seeking a position for part-time or summer work, please check out the bulletin board in the 200 Hallway.

Action Steps for Sophomore Students:

  • Get Good Grades!
  • Take Honors classes if possible
  • Participate in Extracurricular Activities: Sports, Clubs, etc
  • Volunteer
  • Attend College Fairs
  • Visit with College Representatives
  • Keep your Resume updated
  • Take the PSAT in the Fall
  • Take the ASPIRE test in the Spring
  • Explore Careers & Colleges on Naviance Family Connection
  • Work at a Part-time/Summer Job - See Postings on Board in 200 Hallway
  • Attend Summer Camps & Programs