School Counselors

Faculty who will support juniors this 2019-2020 school year include: Mr. Adam Erickson (G-M) Mrs. Katie Holman (A-F), Mr. Bob Meyer (Q-Z), and Mrs. Tammy Ring, our Learning Consultant.


In a student's Junior year, he can expect to meet with his counselor in the fall to check on his academic progress, in the winter to register for classes for his senior year and in the spring to begin the college search and planning process.  He will have 2 instructional lessons on the Naviance Family Connection program on how to seek out college and career opportunities, advisement on the college admissions testing timetable and have the opportunity to meet with college Vianney.. His counselors will monitor his academic progress, begin the college and career planning process individually with each student, inform him of summer opportunities, etc.

Of great importance is the 4 year planning guide.  This guide will help students seek out appropriate courses to meet graduation requirements and meet with college and career goals.

It is also important to understand the difference between Honors, AP, and ACC courses as a student registers for classes.  

  • Honors: increased content, difficulty of content
  • AP: college course taught at Vianney.  Credit issued by the college/university depending on AP exam score
  • ACC: college course taught at Vianney.  Credit issued by the college/university.

This is also the time where preparation for the ACT is important.  Dates for the ACT are posted on our Testing Page, which includes information about an ACT Prep Class that is offered throughout the year.

Understanding NCAA and NAIA eligibility is a crucial topic for Juniors involved in athletics.  See our event calendar below for important meetings on these criteria for participating in college sports.

Dual Enrollment info: is available from the specific classroom teacher

Vianney-sponsored college visits: One day during the fall, our department charters transportation for junior and senior students interested to visit certain colleges within a 2-hour radius of the campus. 


 Calendar of important events

  • September/October - First Meeting with Counselor:  Welcome Back
  • September - College Information Night at Vianney
  • September - FAFSA Completion Night at Vianney
  • September - College Fair at Vianney
  • October - Regional Visual and Performing Arts College Fair at Webster University
  • October - Practice ACT at Vianney
  • October - Regional College Fair at Saint Louis University
  • October - PSAT Test at Vianney
  • January/February - Second Meeting with Counselor: Registration/Course Selection
  • February - ACT at Vianney
  • March - College Planning Night at Vianney
  • March/April/May – Third Meeting with Counselor: College Planning with Parents
  • April - Regional College Fair at Maryville University
  • April - NCAA Information Night at Vianney


 College and Career Planning

Naviance - Investigate career interests, research colleges, search for scholarship opportunities

During a student's Junior year, he may choose to engage in conversations with representatives from area colleges that visit during the day.  Find out more on our College Rep Visits page.

Junior students should also begin to apply for scholarships.  The Guidance department maintains a list of databases that contain hundreds of scholarships and other financial aid sources for which students may be eligible.  

From time to time, our counseling department is contacted by companies and organizations that would like to hire our students.  If you are seeking a position for part-time or summer work, check out the bulletin board in the 200 Hallway.

Action Steps for Junior Students:

  • Get Good Grades!
  • Take Honors/AP/ACC classes if possible
  • Attend College Fairs
  • Visit with College Representatives
  • Take the PSAT again
  • Take the ACT &/or SAT
  • Take ACT Prep Class
  • Extracurricular Activities: Sports, Clubs, etc
  • Take on Leadership positions
  • Volunteer
  • Explore Colleges on Naviance Family Connection (College Search, College Look Up, Scattergrams)
  • Visit Colleges
  • Look at College Admissions Requirements
  • Keep your Resume updated
  • Practice College Essays
  • Familiarize yourself with scholarship information & opportunities
  • Work a part-time/Summer Job  - See Postings on Board in 200 Hallway
  • Attend Summer Camps & Programs
  • Second Semester College planning meeting with parents and Counselor