Scholarships are just that; for the scholars. These awards are based off much more than just G.P.A. Unlike loans, scholarships are gifted without the expectation of repayment. Most of the colleges and universities that your son will apply to will have their own scholarships. There are also a plethora out there that you can find through businesses, organizations, and the Internet.  Scholarship Search Websites are listed below:

2019-2020 Glendale Kirkwood Kiwanis Scholarship Application

STL Area Scholarships
Scholarships, Colleges, and Financial Aid 
Scholarships, Colleges, Internships, and Careers

Below are some examples of additional activities and involvement your son can participate in that may increase their chances of gaining scholarships.

Extracurricular Activities - These are activities that your son participates in other than academics. This can include anything from athletics, groups, and clubs, outside experiences and more. These are crucial when applying to colleges because many admissions representatives look for a balance of academics and outside involvement.

Volunteer - At Vianney, students do have mandatory volunteer hours. Some schools look specifically at volunteering, especially if it is part of their mission. This can really help in the decision-making process.

Leadership- Not only is it important to be involved and volunteer, but it is very important to get involved in leadership opportunities. These things set you apart from other people who may have been involved in a lot but did not play any leadership roles. Many schools may award based on this information.

Remember, all schools are different, and many lists what their criteria are for certain scholarships. It doesn't hurt to get involved, volunteer and show leadership throughout your high school career, as many of those are staples for colleges and universities for admission.