Greetings, This is an honors class that will cover all the traditional curriculum of a first year Algebra course along with some supplemental material.

We will have weekly Wednesday and Friday quizzes. Wednesdays the quizzes will focus on current homework and be shorter. Fridays the quizzes will be cumulative, covering material from the beginning of the semester on.  Quizzes will normally be returned the next class period and are the property of the student to be used as a guide to future study.


Algebra, and Mathematics in general, is a problem solving course. Our base philosophy will be the principle expressed by St. Thomas Aquinas in his prayer, "Lord, Make Me an Instrument of Peace." Where there is darkness, we need light, where pain we need comfort, saddness needs joy, where there is hatred we show love, and we overcome addition by subtracting, we reverse multiplication with division. Problems are solved by taking a counter approach, in both math and in our lives.


We also have read Thomas Jefferson's quote, "The more a person thinks, the more adapted to thinking they become. Education is nothing if it does not create the habit of thinking."


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