The Arts

The fine and performing arts department at Vianney helps students gain knowledge and ability in the arts while developing their innate creative abilities. The faculty seek to round out a boy's education and experience so that he can use his eyes and ears to gain a greater appreciation of the beauty and artistry of God's world.



Fine arts courses include topics such as band, drama, drawing, design, film study, stage management, and stagecraft. Students can also qualify for Tri-M for Music and Thespian Honor Society for Theater as well as pursue their passion in Art Club, Jazz Band, Griffin Theatre, and Pep Band.

Vianney has dedicated 2,400-square foot rooms for the fine art and band programs along with a patio area for students to work on outdoor projects. The music space models college rehearsal rooms, with acoustically-minded floors, walls, and ceiling. There are two small and one large soundproof practice rooms so students can split into sectionals. There is also a state-of-the-art recording equipment, speakers, and instrument lockers. The fine arts space includes a large studio area, a separate room for a kiln, and a room for pottery wheels. Students can explore courses in drawing, painting, ceramics, printmaking and sculpture. College-credit courses and independent study are available for students who wish to explore a deeper level of artistic skill and technique.



For more than 40 years, Vianney's campus housed the studio and gallery for world-famous artist Brother Mel Meyer, S.M., who viewed all art as a religious statement.  Brother Mel created an estimated 10,000 pieces of art in his career. His work included metal sculptures, watercolors, stained glass, frescoes, and acrylic on canvas paintings. He also worked in handmade paper and textiles. Vianney is fortunate to have many of his works displayed across campus, serving as an inspiration for the students.