Awards & Honors

Gold Circle Award

The purpose of the Black and Gold Circle Awards is to give recognition to those students who have displayed outstanding service and qualities of leadership, responsibility, and character in school moderated activities.

The Gold Circle award is the school's highest award for co-curricular service. It is awarded to those students who have accumulated a total of three hundred activity points or more by the end of the junior year (six semesters). A student may earn only one of the above awards. Students in good standing, that is, those who have no conduct failures, no course failures, will be considered as candidates for membership. Should a member by some act of imprudence show that he is not a worthy student, he will forfeit his membership and return his award to the school.

Activity points that a student earns each year will be added to those accumulated in the previous year(s) and will be kept on record in the School Office. Students are not consulted as to the number of activity points earned for any single activity or organizational membership. Students have access to the list of activities that they participated in the previous year via school computers. A list of total activity points earned is also posted each year, with points from previous years also listed.

Privileges for Black and Gold Circle Members are:

  • Students and alumni may attend, without cost, all functions sponsored by the Student Council. This includes semi-formal and formal dances, but not the prom.
  • Admission to all home football, soccer, basketball games, and home wrestling matches as guests of the Athletic Department.

Admission to the above is by presentation of the Black and Gold Circle membership card. As a sign of membership, the student also receives a certificate and a special award letter.

Transfer students, after the beginning of the sophomore year, are eligible for either a Black or Gold Circle award. A student with four full semesters may earn a Gold Circle at the end of the junior year with two hundred points. A transfer student with five full semesters may earn a Gold Circle at the end of the junior year with two hundred fifty points. A student for seven full semesters may earn a Black Circle at the end of the senior year with three hundred fifty points.

Each moderator should provide accountability standards for the students in that activity. These accountability standards should be in writing and on file in the Principal's Office. These standards should also be reviewed with the student participants at the beginning of each school year or season of the activity by the Moderator. These could include, but are not limited to, the following: academic requirements, attendance at meetings, meets, etc., unacceptable behaviors, and field trip dress. As stated in the Student Handbook, activity points will be awarded based on participation in the club. The moderator has the right to suspend or dismiss from the club or activity any student he/she feels is not upholding these or any other standards of the club.

Additional Awards & Honors