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Faith formation at St. John Vianney High School is all about family - family spirit which is infused into every class, every activity, and every interaction; family connection which means our students’ parents are involved in every aspect of their son’s faith journey; and finally, unity with the Holy Family, particularly Mother Mary, who guides our faith formation process. 

Vianney students and their families become part of a larger family - the Griffin family.  Our students feel this family support when they walk through the halls and are greeted by teachers and friends, when they pray with their Vianney brothers daily, and when they grow in faith with their classmates each year on retreat.  We strive to love each student following the model of our Holy Mother, Mary.  Just as Mary supported and raised Jesus so that he could complete his mission in the world, we strive to love and support each student so that he may carry on the mission of Christ.  In the Griffin family, ALL are welcome, regardless of the faith background of a student.  We meet students where they are and rely upon Mary, Our Mother as a model of love and care for all. 

Our faith programs are specifically guided by the Five Pillars of the Marianist Charism, so our students will become great men of character and accomplishment with faith at the center of their lives.