Service Awards

St. John Vianney Service Award

Students who complete over 150 hours of service receive this award at the Senior Honors Convocation. Hours for this award must be completed outside of regular school hours. The Junior Social Service Project and Freshman and Sophomore Service Day can not be applied to this award. 

Archbishop May Service Award

One senior from each of the 30 Archdiocesan schools receives this award. The recipient from Vianney will be selected in December of his senior year. A faculty member, classmate, or an individual person may nominate a senior for this award. A committee of faculty members will make the final choice from those nominated.

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Model of Justice Award

This award is presented to high school students who have demonstrated through their attitude and work, a commitment to serving humanity in the broader community. These students have made justice a central part of their life and have committed themselves "to the noble struggle for equal rights".