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Jeremy Remiger '98

Campus Minister

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Fr. Tim Kenney, S.M


Fr. Tim

Vianney's Faith Formation Program strives to walk with the Golden Griffins on their faith journey. In order to bring them closer to understanding and living the mission of Jesus Christ, we hope to help the students

The Faith Formation Department encompasses active liturgy, prayer, retreat and community service programs in which the entire student body participates throughout the year. With the Marianist mission of the Blessed William Joseph Chaminade as our model, we hope to empower the Golden Griffins to assume ministerial leadership in our school and our community, and thus to answer Jesus' call to "go forth and make disciples of the nations."

The Faith Formation staff is made up of Mr. Jeremy Remiger and Fr. Tim Kenney, S.M. Their offices are located in the Campus Ministry Center, or the "Family Room." The Family Room is a comfortable space with ample room for planning sessions and prayer meetings. It is open every school day for students to drop in and relax.

St. John Vianney High School

2016-17 Campus Ministry Calendar of Events   


First Friday Eucharistic Adoration 8a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Regular Encore Communion Services

Team masses will be announced as they are scheduled 




Sept  4: Sunday Eucharist @ 9:30am (Activity Center)

Sept 11: Grandparents’ Day Mass @ 9:30 a.m.

Sept 12 Feast of the Holy Name of Mary: Patronal feast for Marianists Spirit Week-All School Mass

Sept. 18: Sunday Eucharist @ 9:30am (Activity Center)

Sept. 22: Freshmen Retreat

Sept. 25: Sunday Eucharist @ 9:30am (Activity Center)



Oct. 2: Feast of the Guardian Angels: Birthday of the Society of Mary: Sunday Eucharist @ 9:30am (Activity Center)

Oct. 4: Student Body Mass 

Oct. 9: Sunday Eucharist @ 9:30am (Activity Center)

Oct. 15: Cardboard Village @ Ursuline Academy

Oct. 16: Mother-Son Mass @ 9:30am

Oct. 17-18: Junior Retreat

Oct. 17-19: Kairos Retreat

Oct. 23: Sunday Eucharist @ 9:30am (Activity Center)

Oct. 30: Sunday Eucharist @ 9:30am (Activity Center)




Nov. 1: All-Saints Day-All-School Mass

Nov. 6: Sunday Eucharist @ 9:30am; (Activity Center) OPEN HOUSE

Nov. 8-9: Junior Retreat

Nov. 13: Sunday Eucharist @ 9:30am 

Nov. 20: Sunday Eucharist @ 9:30am

Nov 22: Thanksgiving Student Body Mass at 9am

Nov. 27: First Sunday of Advent: Sunday Eucharist @ 9:30am

Nov. 28: All-School Advent Prayer Service



Dec. 2: Advent Blood Drive

Dec 4: Second Sunday of Advent: Sunday Eucharist @ 9:30am

Dec. 5-7 Kairos Retreat

Dec 8: Feast of the Immaculate Conception: All-School Mass

Dec 11: Third Sunday of Advent: Sunday Eucharist @ 9:30am

Dec. 12: Advent Reconciliation Service with the Student Body

Dec. 18: Fourth Sunday of Advent: Sunday Eucharist @ 9:30am

Dec. 24: Christmas Vigil Mass (time to be determined)



Jan. 1: New Years Day Eucharist @ 9:30am

Jan. 4: School resumes

Jan. 8: Sunday Eucharist @ 9:30am

Jan. 15: Sunday Eucharist @ 9:30am

Jan 22: Feast of Bl. William Joseph Chaminade: Sunday Eucharist @ 9:30am 

Jan. 23: All-School Mass: Celebration of the Feast of Chaminade

Jan 24: Marianist Heritage Awards

Jan. 25-29: Generation Life: Washington DC 

Jan 29: Sunday Eucharist @ 9:30am 


Feb. 5: Sunday Eucharist at 9:30 a.m.

Feb. 12: Sunday Eucharist @ 9:30am

Feb. 19: Sunday Eucharist @ 9:30am

Feb. 26: Sunday Eucharist @ 9:30a.m



March 1: Ash Wednesday: All-School Mass @ 9am

March 5: First Sunday of Lent: Eucharist @ 9:30am 

March 6-8: Kairos Retreat

March 7-8: Junior Retreat-MRCC

March 12: Second Sunday of Lent: Eucharist at 9:30am

March 19: Third Sunday of Lent: Eucharist @ 9:30am

March 26: Fourth Sunday of Lent: Eucharist @ 9:30am 

March 24: Holy Thursday

March 25: Good Friday

March 26: Easter Vigil (time to be determined)

March 27: Easter



April 2 : Fifth Sunday of Lent: Eucharist @ 9:30am

April 9: Palm Sunday: Eucharist @ 9:30am

April 10-12 Kairos Retreat

April 11-12: Junior Retreat

April 13: Holy Thursday

April 14: Good Friday

April 16: Easter Vigil: Eucharist @ TBA

April 23: Sunday Eucharist @ 9:30am

Apr 28: Junior Unity & Ring Mass @ 7pm

April 30: Sunday Eucharist @ 9:30am



May 5: Senior Mother-Son Mass, St. Peter's Kirkwood @ 9:30 

May 7 : Mother's Day: Sunday Eucharist @ 9:30 am

May 8-26: Junior SSP

May 12: Baccalaureate Mass, St. Peter's Kirkwood @ 7:00 p.m.

May 13: Graduation @ 7pm

May 14: Sunday Eucharist @ 9:30am

May 21: Sunday Eucharist @ 9:30am

May 28: Sunday Eucharist @ 9:30am

The Three O'Clock Prayer

The "Three O'clock Prayer" is a traditional Marianist prayer recited at our brother and sister schools across the country. We at Vianney pray it together at the close of every school day.

Lord Jesus,

We gather in spirit at the foot of the Cross
with your Mother and the disciple whom you loved.

We ask your pardon for our sins

which are the cause of your death.

We thank you for remembering us

in that hour of salvation
and for giving us Mary as our Mother .

Holy Virgin, take us under your protection

and open us to the action of the Holy Spirit.

Saint John, obtain for us

the grace of taking Mary into our lives, as you did,
and of assisting her in her mission.

May the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit

be glorified in all places
through the Immaculate Virgin Mary.