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My Brother's Closet

Vianney's Moms Club wants to ensure that all of our students can focus on their academic success and not worry about what they need to wear for school but cannot afford. "My Brother's Closet" provides khakis, collared shirts, ties, belts, dress shoes, sneakers, spirit gear, and even textbooks for our students without the financial means. Other students and parents will never know who shops at My Brother's Closet. This experience literally feels as if you are going through your brother's closet without any judgement. 

How can I help?
Clean out those closets! We have a number of Vianney families who have agreed to act as "drop-off" homes throughout the St. Louis area. (Please do not deliver items directly to school.) Our volunteers will collect, clean, and sort the clothing before delivering it to the private location on campus we call My Brother's Closet. 

What do you need?
Anything that our students wear to school is needed including khakis, collared shirts, button-down dress shirts, belts, ties, Vianney hoodies and other spirit wear, dress shoes, and sneakers. We only ask that the clothes are in wearable condition with no rips or permanent stains. And, textbook donations are also welcome! 

Where should I go?
The following drop-off homes will have a bin marked "My Brother's Closet" for you to deliver your donations.

  • 110 Flamingo Drive
    St. Louis MO 63123
  • 1013 Hawkins Bend Drive
    Fenton MO 63026
  • 4158 Fairburn Court
    St. Louis MO 63129
  • 6323 Bancroft 
    St. Louis MO 63109
  • 5624 Winona 
    St. Louis MO 63109
  • 1460 Forest Avenue
    Kirkwood, MO 63122
  • 32 Montauk Drive
    St. Louis MO 63146
  • 10648 Roxanna Drive
    St. Louis MO 63128

Do you need more volunteers?
Many hands make light work! If you are interested in helping clean and sort donations, please contact Angie Wheeler at