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Planned Giving


Planned gifts help to ensure a lasting legacy for both Vianney and the donor. A smart planned gift allows you and your family to have continued financial security while also enjoying the satisfaction of providing future support for Vianney and its students.

Whether you are beginning the estate planning process, or adding Vianney to it, we are here to work with you and find a plan that supports your family and Vianney. Explore estate planning tips, add bequest language to include Vianney your will, or learn more about the 1960 Legacy Society below.

Planned Giving Guide

Bequest Language


1960 Legacy Society



  1. List all your assets
  2. Review individual goals and areas of special need
  3. Determine distribution desires and options
  4. Review tax consequences with your attorney and/or financial advisor
  5. Consider an executor
  6. Find an estate planning attorney


Have you already included Vianney in your plans? Looking for more information on planned giving? Not sure where to get started? We can help!

For more information, please contact Director of Advancement Jennie Picha at or at (314) 965-4853 ext. 144.

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Dan LaBruyer '67

I wanted to create the LaBruyer Family Scholarship, so that four, or maybe five students with financial needs would have the opportunity to experience the 'Vianney Culture'.

Only after becoming an adult did I realize how important it was to have a Vianney education.  Vianney gave me a great foundation to graduate from college and have a good career.

If my Estate Planning can give a Vianney education to a handful of students with financial needs, then it would be difficult for me to come up with a better last wish.

Dan LaBruyer '67

Tom Marshall '85

Cassie and I contributed to the 1960 Legacy Society because today's society is lacking men of character and conviction.  

Vianney is one of the few high schools that still educate the whole man so that graduates are not just superior students, but also superior servant leaders that America so desperately needs."

Tom Marshall '85

Glen and Ricka Ernst

Glen Ernst never attended St. John Vianney High School. He and his wife, Ricka, never sent a son to St. John Vianney High School. Daughter Barbara Potts explains why her parents generously included Vianney in their estate plans, becoming members of our 1960 Legacy Society. 

My siblings and I were honored to fulfill the wish of our parents to donate a portion of their estate to the Marianists and also to St. John Vianney High School. My uncle, Robert Ernst, was a Marianist brother, and so it was a natural fit for my father, a physician, to take care of several of the Marianists as his patients. Over the years, my father developed a close relationship with both Father Uvietta and with Brother Mel Meyer. Brother Mel shared some of his artwork with my parents and invited them to dinner on various occasions. I remember my parents being very excited to show us the pieces of art that Brother Mel had given to them. The art was always fascinating and unique. After my father retired from practicing medicine, he would see Brother Mel less frequently, however he continued a close relationship with Father Uvietta. 

My parents believed that Vianney graduates would be well prepared to meet the challenges of the future and to be the hands of Christ in the world."

Father Uvietta was always very attentive and kind to our family. He visited my sister-in-law’s mother in the hospital to hear her confession and administer the sacrament of Anointing of the Sick. He also celebrated the sacrament of Matrimony for my brother. However, my most lasting memories of Father Uvietta were of him visiting my mother in her home every Saturday for years. He offered my mom companionship, and they talked about spiritual matters. He would also bring her crossword puzzles and articles to read so that they could discuss them during subsequent visits. The gentle and patient nature of Father Uvietta made a great impression on all of us. 

My parents wanted to leave a portion of their estate to charities because they realized how blessed they had been in life, and they wanted to support faith-based organizations to help provide blessings for others. They chose the Marianists to show gratitude for the gift of these wonderful men to our community. They chose Vianney in order to help support the development of fine young men in the Catholic tradition. My parents believed that Vianney graduates would be well prepared to meet the challenges of the future and to be the hands of Christ in the world. We all leave this life behind eventually, and my parents were pleased to be able to support faith, service, and education into the future. 

Mike Mantia '92

"Why did my wife and I decide it was important to include Vianney in our estate planning?"

Vianney has always held a special place in my heart.  From the time I was a student to the present day, I am proud I went to Vianney and proud of the values, education and friendships I have made through Vianney.  

Fast forward 30 years and now we get to watch our two sons experience all that Vianney has to offer.   We are blessed by the impact Vianney has made in our lives and see the impact it has made in our sons lives. We want to make sure others have the same opportunity to experience Vianney for their family.  

This community is special and is a second family to me and my family.  So it just made sense to us that we leave something to Vianney since they are an extended part of our family."

-Mike Mantia '92

Pictured: Sharon, Sophia, Vincent '22, Dominic '26, and Mike Mantia '92

Looking Back

When I look back at the past four years, it is the time spent with friends building a robot; hanging out at lunch; playing the trumpet in the band; and scoring a point at ultimate frisbee... while it is not one memory, it is all of these moments of friendship that stand out to me about my time at Vianney.

-Quinten '22