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Establish a Vianney Scholarship

Do you have someone you would like to honor? Perhaps someone in your family or a Vianney faculty member who has had an impact on who you are today. Scholarships give donors a chance to honor someone and help a young man at Vianney while establishing a fund that grows over time.

A minimum gift of $25,000 establishes a scholarship and this gift can be payable over a period of several years. The scholarship will be awarded when the value reaches or surpasses the minimum requirement for one full fiscal year.

There are three ways individuals, businesses and corporations can donate to St. John Vianney High School's Scholarship Fund.

  • General Scholarship - Vianney welcomes donations of any amount to the General Scholarship Fund. The General Scholarship fund is the most flexible of our scholarship funds and is designed to assist students based on financial need. If you are interested in contributing to a scholarship, click HERE.


  • Partially Endowed Patron Scholarship - To partially endow a scholarship it requires a minimum investment of $25,000. Once the scholarship is established donors can continue to donate to the scholarship. Explore our current patron scholarships


  • Endowed Patron Scholarship - This scholarship requires an investment of $300,000 that the fund balance reach fully endowed status. The full amount of an endowed scholarship's interest is reinvested until the fund reaches endowed status. The donor has the option of setting criteria to determine how the scholarship will be awarded.

For information on creating a scholarship at Vianney, please contact Jennie Picha, Director of Advancement, at or 314-965-4853 ext. 144.