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Q1-Newsletter 2020-21

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Tutoring & Evaluation Resources 2019-20

ADHD Studying and Test Taking Strategies

ADDitude Magazine | Inside the ADHD Mind

IvyPanda | ADHD 101

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College Information Forms/Presentations

College Planning 101 PowerPoint Presentation by the University of Missouri - Columbia to assist in the beginning stages of the college planning process.

College Visit Permission Form Fill this out in order to receive an excused absence from school

2020-2021 Vianney ACT Prep Sign Up Mrs. Kheriaty offers an excellent ACT prep course.  In order to sign up, please follow the link ACT Test Prep

List of Colleges that Superscore the ACT

FERPA the transcript and recommendation release waiver 

NCAA Information Night Presentation along with an NCAA Handout

Missouri A+ Program Scholarship List

The Ultimate FAQ for Applying for Scholarships

ACC Course Equivalencies 2019-20

2021 Senior College Info Report and Final Transcript Request.pdf

Senior Year Electives.pdf

2021 Senior Scholarship Reporting Sheet

Dual Enrollment / ACC Course Transcript Request

College Visit Permissions Form--1-.pdf

FERPA Waiver--1-.pdf

Initial College Planning Meeting Sheet---Class-of-2022---A-M--1-.pdf

Initial College Planning Meeting Sheet---Class-of-2022---N-Z--1-.pdf

Sample Resume.pdf

Senior Griffin Guide to the College Application Process.pdf

Senior Year Checklist.pdf

The Campus Visit.pdf

Where will your GPA and ACT scores take you.pdf


Letter of Recommendation Forms 

All students looking for a letter of recommendation will be required to request this through Naviance Family Connection at   It is good etiquette to give the person you're asking a minimum of 2 weeks to write the letter.

Parent Show Off Sheet This form is an additional form that is not required. This gives parents the opportunity to share more information about their son and can accompany the Letter of Recommendation Request Form.