St. John Vianney High School

FAA 450 Course Information

Prerequisite: Art I (Introduction to the Arts) and Art II, with departmental approval. Open to juniors and seniors.

Description: This course is designed for the serious art student who desires to broaden his skills and knowledge of design. Design I provides studio problems in the creative use and integration of the elements of two-dimensional design: line, form, space, texture, and color. Attention will also be given to functional design, sculptural design, and design in art history and painting.


Outcomes: The student will be able to
-learn the elements and principles of design,
-apply the elements and principles of design to his artwork,
-experience designing in various media,
-study art history,
-build a design portfolio.

Content: elements and principles of design
-design in nature
-historic movements in design

-functional design
-decorative design
-objective and non-objective design
-films, as applicable

-reading and writing in art history

Special Information: All honors art students are required to assemble a portfolio of assigned work, matted or mounted as applicable.

Methods of Evaluation: Teacher assessment of student portfolio, effort, class participation, creativity, and completed projects.

Materials: all art supplies (except pencils) are provided within the course. Students must replace supplies as needed. The supplemental reading book, ELEMENTARY ALPHABETS, by Ross F. George, is required for this course. The book is available for student use in art class.