St. John Vianney High School

Course Information

FAA 100 (Introduction to the Arts -- Visual Arts Section)

Prerequisite: None (open to sophomores)

Description: This team-taught course offers the student practical, "hands-on" experience as a participant in and observer of the arts. Emphasis in this section is placed on creating original works of art, exploring art history, and learning to appreciate the visual arts.

Outcomes: The student will be able to:
-produce artwork in various media,
-understand concepts in art history and current trends in the arts,
-learn to appreciate the arts.

-watercolor painting
-color theory
-perspective drawing
-art history
-films, as applicable
-reading and writing in art history

Method of Evaluation: Teacher assessment of completed projects, student effort, and class participation.

Materials: all art supplies (except pencils) are provided within the course. Students must replace supplies as needed. The supplemental reading book, Elementary Alphabets, by Ross F. George, is required for this section of the course. The book is available for purchase in the Griffin Gear Store.