Junior Retreat

There will be four different options for the traditional Junior Retreat in the 2019-2020 school year. The first Junior Retreat will take place October 8-9. The second will take place November 21-22. The third will take place February 10-11 and the final Junior Retreat of the year will be March 24-25. The Junior Retreat will be directed by members of the Vianney faculty and staff. The retreat will focus on the love of God, the love of self, and the love of others. The group sharing and overnight experience make Junior Retreat a good precursor to the Senior Kairos Retreat which many of them will attend.

The Junior Retreat is an overnight retreat for which students will miss two days of school and will spend one night at the retreat center. Students will be provided with a detailed list of what they should and should not bring. Juniors will report to Vianney by 7:40 on their departure day, will be transported by bus and will return to Vianney by 2:40 on the next day. Online registration for all retreats is available