Kairos Retreats

Senior Kairos

The Kairos Retreat is a student-led, overnight experience. Students must apply to be leaders, and leaders are chosen based upon the quality of their applications and their record of behavior at Vianney. In order to have students lead Kairos for the next year, Juniors are given the opportunity to apply to attend the Kairos Retreat at the end of January.

Many St. Louis Catholic high schools offer Kairos because it has been proven to be an excellent program to compliment the spiritual growth of high school students.Kairos

The Kairos Retreat is a 3 day/2 night retreat. Students will report to Vianney's Chapel at the end of school on their departure day, will be transported by bus to the retreat center, and will return to Vianney's Chapel at about 5:30 p.m. two days later. With the exception of the dress code, students will be expected to adhere to all codes of conduct outlined in the Student Handbook while on retreat.

There will be four Kairos retreats this year. The first will take place: November 6th-8th. The 2nd will take place: February 9th-11th. Also, there will be two in the spring: March 4th-6th and April 1st-3rd.

Kairos Packing list-Students going should always pack these things

  • comfortable clothing, students are to wear regular school dress code to school before departing for the retreat 
  • snacks, students should bring snacks to share with the entire group
  • toothpaste, soap, toiletries- generally retreat centers provide towels and bedding
  • unless otherwise stated student will have their own room and bathroom